In praise of British Cheese

Wherenext replied on 06/11/2016 14:09

Posted on 06/11/2016 14:09

Having just returned from the self styled capital of the cheese world, namely France, I would like to say how much we love British Cheese. Yes, we did enjoy many different types of French Cheese and count some of them among our own favourites but I don't think British Cheeses get the plaudits they deserve.

Nothing tastes quite like a really good Cheddar, our current one is Colliers (a Welsh one), or a Blackstick Blue or a Shropshire Blue or Mrs. Applebys Cheshire or a creamy Lancashire. Plus we are prepared to experiment with our cheese, by putting chilli or mustard etc. in. There are some smashing local entrepreneurs making cheese these days.

Why are our cheese not more respected?

Wherenext replied on 07/11/2016 15:19

Posted on 07/11/2016 15:19

Another cheese lover here, have you tried Dorset Blue Vinnie, a good cheese that goes down well with a good red wine.

Write your comments here...Yes I have and quite agreeLaughing

Fisherman replied on 08/11/2016 09:05

Posted on 08/11/2016 09:05

With likely increases in prices following Brexit tariffs, we could see more diversification in British Cheese.I am sure we can produce the same varieties as those we imort from Europe. Likewise we can gow most " Meditaranian" vagatables here in the UK>Hopefully our farmes/ hoticultualist will spend the next few years  developing these items to meet the new market conditions.

Spriddler replied on 08/11/2016 13:09

Posted on 08/11/2016 13:09


In some areas of France the French are developing a real 'British cheese' habit.  

Too late for an exasperated de Gaulle who in 1962 famously complained...

"How can you govern a country which has two hundred and forty-six varieties of cheese? "

There are however, around 700 varieties of British cheeses which may explain a lot...............

brue replied on 09/11/2016 20:01

Posted on 09/11/2016 20:01

You can't beat a good Stilton. Smile I like Shropshire Blue too, just read it started out as a Scottish cheese.

Pippah45 replied on 12/11/2016 16:37

Posted on 12/11/2016 16:37

Also a cheese fan - love finding local cheeses when away - has anyone found the cheese shop in Tavistock - that only sells - um is it West Country Cheeses - certainly British masses of choice.  There are some lovely cheeses in Lincolnshire too - Cote Hill Farm have a delicious Blue Cheese and various others and then of course the Poacher Range to name a couple. 

KjellNN replied on 12/11/2016 23:21

Posted on 12/11/2016 23:21

Last time we were in Yorkshire we went to the Wensleydale cheese factory and tried quite a few of the cheeses.  We ended up buying several pieces, our favourites were the Wensleydale with Limoncello,  and the Wensleydale with mango and ginger.

replied on 13/11/2016 18:42

Posted on 13/11/2016 18:42

Love British cheeses, favourites being Cheshire and Wensleydale but unlike KNN above I'm not keen on cheese being "mucked about" with!