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cyberyacht replied on 05/01/2017 08:59

Posted on 05/01/2017 08:59


This thread is not for discussions. Post ONLY factual information.

To provide a comprehensive list of problems encountered, I would suggest that each post lists only one issue at a time.

Provide details of problem  as concisely as possible.

Operating system, machine used and relevant software. i.e. Macbook/ PC/tablet, Windows XP/ iOS7 etc, Safari/Internet Explorer/Chrome inc version No.

Please do not enter into discussions such as "I've had/not had this problem" as this will detract from the objectivity of the thread. Hopefully this thread may assist the IT department in finding where "all the bodies are buried".


nelliethehooker replied on 06/06/2020 20:24

Posted on 06/06/2020 17:29 by InaD

Internal server errors galore this afternoon frown need to be very persistent to get on any thread.  

Posted on 06/06/2020 20:24

Still going on this evening. For all of the supposed essential maintenance the site is getting worse not better.yell

huskydog replied on 06/06/2020 21:29

Posted on 06/06/2020 21:29

I have accepted that the Club doesn’t care about CT and what happens to it ,and fixing it is beyond the skills of the IT dept 

nelliethehooker replied on 06/06/2020 21:39

Posted on 06/06/2020 21:39

Now the post 're Corona virus Concerns is showing the original post as the latest one, and trying to use the "go to last post" instruction just returns me to the first page. The only way I can see the latest post is by using the >> at the foot of the page.

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