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Our new name

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Why is the Club making changes?

Our Club has a proud heritage that spans over 100 years. We now need to invest in the future to better cater for the changing needs of our members and to ensure another century of success.

Have we merged?

No, we’re refreshing how we express ourselves and what we stand for, to better reflect the diverse nature of our membership.

What does this mean for motorhomers?

Our aim is to make sure we are always meeting the needs of all our members. We will also tailor specific offerings such as site facilities or training courses to suit different sections of our membership.

What is the reason behind the new logo design?

We’ve made a video to explain how we created it. Watch it here.

The logo says ‘since 1907’ but our name has changed over the years, so is this right?

The origins of our Club as a society of like-minded individuals enjoying the great outdoors has always been central to what our Club is about. Our name and membership has changed over the years, but our ethos has always been the same. Having the date in our new logo is a way of rooting us in this tradition while facing a changing future with confidence.

Are motorhomers getting special treatment?

For more than fifty years we’ve been the Caravan and Motorhome Club in everything but name. This is not about favouring one group over another, it’s about embracing our inclusiveness and making sure we better reflect the diversity of our Club. That way, we can better meet the needs of all our members.

Why is the Club doing this now?

This change is just one part of an on-going update to position the Club for another century of successfully catering to our members’ changing needs. The percentage of motorhome owners within the membership has been increasing year on year so we want to be inclusive and representative of our membership.

Do I need to change bank instructions as I renew via direct debit?

No. The Registered company name remains as The Caravan Club and so there is no need to change bank instructions.

Is my membership still valid?

Yes, it is.

Will my membership card still work?

Yes, it will.

Will any products be changing?

We’re always looking for new ways to provide our products and services so they best meet your needs. These changes are just another step on that journey.

How will I benefit?

We’re still the same Club you know and love – that means the community spirit, amazing experiences and great offers will stay. We’re just aiming to invest in our future and better reflect our broadening membership so more people will want to be part of our Club.

Was the Committee consulted?

The Committee have fully endorsed the changes we’re making. In fact, they were a vital part of this whole process, helping us better understand what our members want. 

Is my insurance policy still valid?

Yes, it is.

Will there still be offers available?

Yes, you can be sure that we’ll continue to bring you a range of offers that are relevant, valuable and enhance your membership experience.

Does this mean fewer pitches for caravanners?

Absolutely not, we’re an inclusive community that will always treat all members equally.

Do I need to rebook all my site bookings with the new Club?

No, it all stays the same.

Can I get a new window sticker with the new logo?

Of course, we’ll be sending these out to all members shortly.

How will those of us with tents/trailer tents/folding campers benefit?

We want everyone to get more from the great outdoors, so we’ll continue to make sure we meet the needs of all our customers.

What will my yearly membership sticker look like?

Your new membership sticker will showcase our new Club name and logo.

If I use an old Club email by mistake, will it still work?

Yes, don’t worry, these will continue to work for the foreseeable future.

Were the members consulted?

The change in name and logo were based on your feedback and in consultation with your representatives on the Committee. Together, we’re embarking on a journey of investment in the future of our Club.

Will the website name change?

Yes in time the website name will change but www.caravanclub.co.uk will continue to be the address for foreseeable future. We will be in touch when the change of web address occurs and visitors to the old site will be redirected to the new one.

Will I still get a new 10/15/25+ year membership sticker? Will it now say just the new name or both names?

10/15/25+ membership stickers will use the new name and logo. New 10/15/25+ membership stickers will be issued at your next membership milestone. If you would like a replacement sticker for your most recent anniversary reached, please contact Membership on 01342 318813 or memberenquiries@camc.com. Please allow 30 days delivery.

Is the CL site signage changing?

Yes we’re updating the signage for CLs to be clearer and reflect the new brand.

Why will you reserve a pitch for a member with a motorhome when you won’t reserve one for my caravan?

When managing pitches on site it is occasionally necessary for us to take into account weight, length and/or size of an outfit. This can apply to both caravans and motorhomes, as not all pitches can accommodate all types of outfits.

Have my membership fee/site fees increased to pay for the rebrand?

The membership fee has not increased to pay for the rebrand. Our history of membership fees has meant a small increase year on year. 

Why am I still seeing the old brand on the website?

If you're still seeing The Caravan Club branding on the website, you may need to clear your cache. It's easy to do - just press CTRL + R until the updated branding appears.

I’d like to offer my thoughts on the new name and logo, where can I do this?

Your feedback is very important to us, why not join the conversation on Club Together.

I’ve seen the old name/logo on something. Should I tell someone?

During this transition phase it is likely that you may see our old name / logo. We will be updating everything to the new name and logo but it may take a little while. Please bear with us.