Our Wi-Fi service

Our Wi-Fi service

Available at 149 Club sites

Stay connected from 8p per day (prices frozen for 2022)

Need to check your emails, keep in touch with the family, or search for things to do on a rainy day?

Our on-site Wi-Fi is great for keeping in contact with the family, checking your emails and generally browsing the internet while you're staying with us.

Improving connectivity on our campsites

We are always looking at ways to make improvements to our Wi-Fi offering across our network of UK campsites. Over the past five years we have continued to invest in a better connected experience for our members. We've partnered with BT to commence delivering an extensive upgrade programme at 107 UK Club campsites (that's 70% of our site network!) with more to follow in the future*.  

What this means for you:

Higher bandwidth and speeds of up to 100Mbps on 107 campsites  

A more reliable and better on-site Wi-Fi service

Streaming movies and posting photos is even easier

PLUS we’ve frozen our prices again for 2022! So you can enjoy a better Wi-Fi service* for the same price as 2020. See below for our great value price plans.

Read the latest update on our Wi-Fi improvement project here

*Speeds may vary depending on site, location within site and other factors.

Wi-Fi speeds on site*

Gold sites

  • High speed connection
  • Speeds into the site range from 25Mb to 100Mb   
  • Reduced latency time

At Gold sites from 2018 we have implemented 'dynamic bandwidth', so the speed available to individual users will increase outside of peak usage times.

On Gold sites, applications should function correctly, including cloud/auto updates. However, we do advise that these are disabled as they will affect the speed of your browsing.

Silver sites

  • Medium speed connection
  • Speeds range from 8Mb to 25Mb

At Silver sites from 2018 we have implemented 'dynamic bandwidth', so the speed available to individual users will increase outside of peak usage times.

On Silver sites, most applications will work, however some larger, data heavy applications may not, such as streaming videos and TV, downloading photos or using video calling services like Facetime or Skype. 

Bronze sites

  • Lower speed connection
  • Speeds range from 1Mb to 8Mb (shared across the whole site)

This is because a bronze site's location and the capacity of the local exchanges means that we are only able to get one or two copper-based broadband connections to the site.

Basic web browsing will work but data-heavy applications such as Instagram, Facebook and SnapChat, will struggle and cause disruption to the rest of the site users.


A Wi-Fi hotspot is located in a pre-determined, communal area of the site.

In previous years we have delivered Wi-Fi to more sites and this ambition continues. Some of our more rural locations pose restrictions, meaning that we cannot easily install site-wide Wi-Fi, however we have been able to give members access by providing a hotspot area within the site where you can connect.

Top questions

What differences will I experience following the upgrade?

The benefits of the Wi-Fi upgrade will mean that members can experience an improved faster, more reliable Wi-Fi experience.

Will all areas of the campsites be improved, even accessing Wi-Fi from my pitch?

Whilst Wi-Fi connectivity will be improved significantly into the campsites, there are still likely to be patches within the site that struggle to get a great service, and this can affect access on some pitches. 

The site will have a number of strategically placed Access Points that help the Wi-Fi to be distributed around the site, but inevitably there will be some areas that have unavoidable obstructions such as buildings or trees, or simply proximity to the nearest access point.

If Wi-Fi is particularly important to you whilst on pitch then speak to the site manager upon arrival who will be able to guide you to pitches where the service is more consistent.

How did you decide which sites to upgrade?

Campsites have been prioritised in order to improve sites with the highest volume of visitors as well as to fix sites that regularly struggle with poor Wi-Fi connectivity.

How good is our on-site Wi-Fi service?

You may experience some natural challenges to technology on-site such as storm damage, line failures or wildlife nibbling equipment. We therefore can’t guarantee that Wi-Fi will be available 100% of the time. 

Sharing a limited bandwidth with others may also vary the speed of service with some sites being a distance from the exchange. Our service is suitable for basic web surfing and emails but not updates or streaming e.g. BBC iPlayer, YouTube and Skype.

While we are greatly improving the provision at over 100 Club campsites, we continue to explore different options to improve the Wi-Fi experience for all, including trial content filtering which limits access to certain websites which heavily use data.

Is Wi-Fi available on all Club campsites?

There are currently 149 campsites on our network that have Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi quality varies at each campsite and some can only offer a hotspot zone rather than ‘in-van’ connectivity. Please check out our Wi-Fi section for more detail.

When will you offer free Wi-Fi?

We are aware that other campsites offer a free, but limited service in the form of hotspot zones. You’ve told us that you like to be able to access services provided by Wi-Fi from the comfort of your own outfit. In order to do this, the cost to do so is accentuated. 

We are continuously looking at solutions as to how we might be able to offer a free Wi-Fi service in the future and when a solution is sought, we will look to roll this out.

Are there any data limits on what I can download using the Club's Wi-Fi?

We do not impose any hard data limits however due to the bandwidth available at some of our sites this may naturally prevent you from downloading data-hungry programmes.

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Information - Need help using Club site Wi-Fi?

For help logging in, registering and using the Caravan and Motorhome Club Wi-Fi on Club sites, take a look at our login support page.