Do I need Caravan Cover?

Do I need caravan insurance?

No, although the third party liability cover would normally be provided by your car insurance when the caravan is towed on a public highway, this only protects you against your third party liability.

Importantly - your caravan and everything inside it may not be covered. Caravan insurance (and the Club's Caravan Cover, which is different from traditional caravan insurance) protects you against financial loss should your caravan and its contents be lost, stolen or damaged.

What's the difference between caravan insurance and Caravan Cover from the Caravan and Motorhome Club?

The main difference between traditional caravan insurance policies and our Caravan Cover is that as we are a membership organisation we have been able to establish a product where all aspects of cover are dealt with by the Club.

For example we are responsible for all claims and can exercise discretion on claims settlements. This does not mean all claims will be paid - but you would be dealing with the Club rather than a third party organisation and so you can appeal directly to the Club if you feel your claim should be paid.

The Club takes on the liability for your caravan and we're able to do this because this is voluntary, not legally required cover and the Club’s Caravan Cover is not an insurance product.

Why you need Caravan Cover

Just like any treasured possession, protecting your touring caravan against theft or damage is vital. That’s why we've designed Caravan Cover with the our members in mind.

During our 45 years of providing cover, one of the key things we’ve learned is that no two caravan owner’s needs are the same.

How our Caravan Cover protects you

Our Caravan Cover is designed specifically for touring caravans and provides a whole range of benefits, including:

  • new-for-old replacement for the caravan and equipment in the event of loss
  • cover for storm and flood damage to awnings
  • up to £50,000 personal accident cover

Read the full list of Caravan Cover benefits.

Working out how much cover you need

The exact level of protection you receive will depend on whether you choose our Standard or Super Caravan Cover. Deciding which is right for you should be based on your own requirements, such as the level of protection you feel is appropriate.

For more information about our cover and to get a quote, visit our Caravan Cover page.

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