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No application fee, save €10 + local VAT

Travel without stopping on European Motorways

Worried about tolls in France, Spain and Portugal? Emovis tag can provide UK customers with a tag for automatic payment on motorway tolls.

Club Members save one €10 application fee when applying for:

  • Liber-t tag for use on France motorways* 
  • VIA-T tag for use on Spain and Portugal motorways**

How does it work?

To use the service all you need to do is register online and emovis tag will send you a small tag that you attach to your windscreen, just behind the rear-view mirror.

As you drive into the Liber-t or VIA-T lane, a device by the barrier will read your tag, securely extract your unique reference and then automatically open the barrier for you. You will receive an invoice the following month for your tolls and then around 15 days later Emovis tag will automatically collect payment in £ (GBP) by direct debit from your UK bank account.

What’s the height limit?

On certain dedicated Class 1 Liber-t lanes there is a 2-metre height limit. These are always on the left hand side of the toll plaza. However, there are always other lanes available for vehicles over two metres, simply go though one of the other open lanes that is displaying the Liber-t or VIA-T symbol.

I’ve got a caravan... can I have a tag?

Yes! Provided your vehicle and caravan overall height is less than three metres and GVW of the towing vehicle does not exceed 3.5 tonnes.

I’ve got a motorhome...

As long as your vehicle is lower than three metres and less than 3.5 tonnes GVW you can use any non-height-restricted lane that has the Liber-t or VIA-T symbol illuminated.

If you have any enquires please contact emovis tag by calling 01423 299 017 (available from 10am till 3pm).

Terms and conditions

Please note Liber-t tag and VIA-T tag require separate applications and the discount only applies to your first application, the following charges apply:

  • 20€ security deposit (refundable upon return of tag)
  • 8€ annual fee (subject to local VAT)
  • 5€ active usage fee for the month in which the tag is used (subject to local VAT)
  • *Please read Liber-t terms and conditions carefully before making an application for use of the Liber-T system (for use on France motorways).
  • **Please read VIA-T terms and conditions carefully before making an application to use the Vía-T Service (for use on Spain and Portugal motorways)
  • Please note by applying for the Liber-t and/or Vía-T, you are agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  • By clicking the 'apply today' button the discount will be automatically applied. No discount code required.


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