Overseas touring guides

Trust us when we say, these will be your go-to guides for your holiday. They all have really detailed information on campsite opening dates and prices, nearby facilities, plus maps and directions to help you plot your journey.

What’s more, we’ve provided you with loads of country-specific information and travelling tips, including:

  • motoring regulations, speed limits and essential equipment
  • motorway tolls and emergency numbers
  • seasonal site details
  • safety and security on holiday – accident and emergency procedures and medical advice
  • nearby British and Irish embassies
  • advice on taking pets abroad

Contribute your reviews

Your reviews form the basis of these guides and we love hearing about your holidays. Help us to keep the overseas touring guides as up-to-date as possible by sending us reviews of the campsites you visit - old favourites as well as new discoveries.

Complete the short form for reviews on sites that have had small or no changes to entries already included in the guides.

Complete short overseas site review form

Fill in the full form to add a review on a site that isn’t listed or for a site you think has had significant changes since it was last reviewed.

Complete full overseas site review form

If you’d like, you can download a paper version of both forms, or use the one at the back of the guides and send it back to us by the FREEPOST address provided on the forms.

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Top questions

This is my first visit abroad with my caravan/motorhome. How can the Club help?

The Club's first time abroad section explains everything you need to know about going on your first overseas touring holiday.

Is the standard of overseas sites similar to that of the UK?

European sites are star-rated by local authorities and will have different standards and regulations to the UK. The Club's site inspectors ensure they are of a high standard for our members.

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