Ecommerce Executive

Job overview

Title: Ecommerce Executive

Location: East Grinstead / Flexible home working

Job type: Permanent

Reporting to: Ecommerce Manager

About the job: Responsible for the deployment and maintenance of the E-commerce activities to achieve forecast revenue targets across digital channels. Responsible for the daily activities of the ecommerce area, liaising with agencies and colleagues to ensure the operation is running smoothly, including customer experience, usability and performance reporting. 

View our Equality and Diversity policy

The Caravan and Motorhome Club is committed to employing a diverse workforce.  All applications are treated equally and we recruit purely on the basis of skills and experience. We know our greatest strength is our people, so differences are celebrated, and we strive to create an environment where colleagues feel respected and valued for their unique potential. The Caravan and Motorhome Club fosters an environment in which everyone is treated equally and with courtesy, dignity and respect. We strive to eliminate discrimination and embrace diversity.

To create the conditions under which this goal can be realised, the Club is committed to identifying and eliminating discriminatory practices, procedures and attitudes. The Club expects employees, volunteers and its members to actively support this commitment. Specifically, the Club aims to ensure that no-one is subject to discrimination because of their gender, race (including colour, nationality or ethnic origin), disability, sexual orientation, marital status, employment status, age, social class, religion or belief.

The Club does this by:

  • encouraging strong and positive relationships between all people involved with the Club, where diversity is valued and people are treated fairly
  • providing accessible and inclusive services, opportunities and information for all
  • fostering a Club environment where people feel safe and free from harassment and can report any incidents in the knowledge that issues will be handled sensitively and effectively

The Club treats all reports of discrimination, victimisation or harassment very seriously. If you believe that you have been affected by a failure of the Club to comply with this policy, you should tell us. There may be times in any organisation when things can go wrong. If this should happen, please let us know so that we can work to put things right. Any reports or enquiries in connection with this Policy should be referred to the Director of Membership Services.

View our Gender Pay Report

This is the first year of Gender Pay Reporting and our position is well-placed compared to the national average. Indeed, the Club works hard to create an environment where everyone is treated equally and with courtesy, dignity and respect and in which we strive to embrace diversity, eliminate discrimination and remove any pay gaps. We have a good mix of male and female employees across our business and this has helped us achieve a positive outcome.

Hourly Pay

Our mean
1 gender pay gap is 11.8% in favour of males, whereas our median2 pay gap is 3.6% in favour of females, which compares favourably against the national median gender pay gap of 18.1%.

The Club employs around 25% more women than men. The table below shows the percentage of men and women working in each pay quartile3 along with the associated mean and median pay gaps.

Quartile% of males% of femalesMean Pay GapMedian Pay Gap
Upper 40% 60% 33.8% 39.4%
Upper middle 39% 61% -3.5% -6.4%
Lower middle 51% 49% 0.05% 0%
Lower 47% 53% 0.2% 0%
Overall 45% 55% 11.8% -3.6%

Our aim is always to attract and recruit the best person for the job across all levels, whatever their gender and we ensure our roles are positioned so they appeal to a wide range of suitable candidates. It is important to us that we not only attract an equal mix of candidates for all the roles we offer, but also that, once employed, people are given an equal opportunity to progress.

Bonus Pay

Our median Bonus Gap is 42.6%, but still falls below the national average of 57%4. The percentage receiving a bonus is Male – 16% and Female - 31%.

The underlying reason for such a high bonus pay gap compared to the hourly pay gap is the different way in which the two gaps are calculated with respect to part time workers. The hourly pay gap calculation weights the results according to the number of hours worked by an individual, whereas the bonus gap calculation does not.

For example, a male employee working full time (37 hours a week) and a female employee working part time (18.5 hours a week) are both paid the equivalent of £30,000 per year and receive a 5% annual bonus. The male full time worker would receive a bonus of £1,500 and the female part-time worker would receive £750. The hourly pay gap in this example is 0% but the bonus pay gap is 50%, even though both employees are paid a bonus at the same rate per hour worked. It therefore appears that the male is receiving a higher bonus than the female, but when both earn the same full-time equivalent salary. As the majority of our part-time employees, who are eligible for a bonus, are female, this calculation method accounts for an element of the reported gap in bonus pay.

1 All the male salaries divided by the number of men; the same calculation for females.
2 The middle salary value when all are put in value order from highest to lowest.
3 All employees and salaries from the highest to the lowest, then split equally into quartiles.
4 Office of National Statistics.

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