Becoming a Sites Manager

Becoming a Sites Manager

We employ people as Site Managers and Assistant Site Managers from all walks of life, who all share the same hobby and passion for the outdoors. The Club is committed to its Equality and Diversity policy to ensure equal opportunities are offered across all out employment practices.

As we have a limited number of compounds on most sites for staff to reside in, and therefore encourage applications from couples to apply for the Site Managers/Assistant Site Manager roles - we do however consider single applicants on some of our sites, particularly for our cleaning and grounds maintenance.

We also offer Network Support roles, where you will be responsible for providing cover to the Sites Network to cover absences across any of our 7 regions although we do try to keep you within your preferred region wherever possible. This gives full opportunity to gain the skills and experience for working across different sites.

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Frequently asked questions

How does being a Site Manager/Assistant Site Manager work?

The role requires you to live on site in your own outfit (Caravan or Motorhome). On the majority of sites, you’ll have access to a private bathroom as well as shared laundry facilities with other employees Assistant Site Managers will attend an Induction Programme, usually held prior to the start of the season, which is then supported by our ongoing training programme. After you've spent a few years as an Assistant Site Manager, you can then apply to become a Site Manager.

Working hours are generally between 38 and 46 hours per week and are rostered over a six day period. Holiday entitlement is typically taken at the end of the contract period due to the seasonal nature of the touring business.

Do we apply as a couple or individually?

Even if you’re applying as a couple, you’ll need to each complete the online form. We recognise part of the reason why this role is so attractive is because you’re able to work together as a couple but please be aware that your progression through the recruitment process will be based on your individual suitability. If you are a single applicant we’ll contact you separately to discuss your application.

What happens if my initial application is successful?

If you are shortlisted for interview from your application, you may be invited to attend an initial telephone interview. If successful, you will then be invited to attend an interview with a Regional Manager and HR.

Although the government restrictions on Covid have been relaxed, this interview may take place via Zoom, although every effort will be made to hold these at one of our sites. If you are successful at this stage, we will arrange for some work experience on a site, where you will meet a Site Manager who will then explain the role in more detail and give you the opportunity to have an insight into what the role entails. A final decision around your suitability for the role will be made after this work experience has taken place.