Life on the road

LLM replied on 26/11/2020 10:35

Posted on 26/11/2020 09:14 by JVB66

I bet the MOT statons near places of entry in the uk do a great trade in MOTsundecided

Posted on 26/11/2020 10:35

I doubt it.  The vast majority of people that full time are well aware of what needs to be done and plan their returns to the UK to get all the necessary things done prior to them expiring.  


Wherenext replied on 29/11/2020 14:01

Posted on 29/11/2020 14:01

I hesitate to say this but their story seemed a sad one to me rather than a "living the dream" one. It was the year spending time away from each other that didn't seem normal.

I really hope I'm wrong in thinking the worst but wasn't there talk of mental health issues for both of them?

Let's just hope she got lost or the mountain rescue people can find her in time.

Takethedogalong replied on 29/11/2020 14:44

Posted on 29/11/2020 14:44

To a certain extent I agree WN. Didn’t realise they were spending a year apart, last thing I would do with a loved one who might not have been here. Mind, it takes all sorts......

Tinwheeler replied on 29/11/2020 15:08

Posted on 29/11/2020 15:08

If I read it correctly, they said they'd had a year together without a break, due largely to Covid, and now needed time apart so he stayed at the house sit while she went on her travels in the MH. Everything was made public on their website and I'm not sure how wise that was.