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cyberyacht replied on 05/01/2017 08:59

Posted on 05/01/2017 08:59


This thread is not for discussions. Post ONLY factual information.

To provide a comprehensive list of problems encountered, I would suggest that each post lists only one issue at a time.

Provide details of problem  as concisely as possible.

Operating system, machine used and relevant software. i.e. Macbook/ PC/tablet, Windows XP/ iOS7 etc, Safari/Internet Explorer/Chrome inc version No.

Please do not enter into discussions such as "I've had/not had this problem" as this will detract from the objectivity of the thread. Hopefully this thread may assist the IT department in finding where "all the bodies are buried".


KeefySher replied on 05/01/2017 09:23

Posted on 05/01/2017 09:23

MacBook Pro El Capitan 10.11.3 Safari 9.0.3

Returning to main CT thread directory then opening this discussion, all posts show as 'New". Despite previously reading the thread.

KeefySher replied on 05/01/2017 09:27

Posted on 05/01/2017 09:27

MacBook Pro El Capitan 10.11.3 Safari 9.0.3

In CT My Stories my images are missing, with 1 images only that is not mine.

susiepops replied on 05/01/2017 09:59

Posted on 05/01/2017 09:59

Entirely agree ,  one used to browse then return to where left off, not right back at beginning of thread.  Very frustrating anf time consumng.

EJB986 replied on 05/01/2017 10:10

Posted on 05/01/2017 10:10

No 'New Posts' button to show all posts since last visit or other options (Today/Yesterday/One Week).

All systems.

m0rrisman replied on 05/01/2017 10:39

Posted on 05/01/2017 10:39

where is the book by map button for cl sites?


Brian1 replied on 05/01/2017 10:47

Posted on 05/01/2017 10:47

Time to renew my 'van insurance (which is with the C&CC at present).  So I go on the  the CC website to get a quote.

Click Insurance / renew my caravan insurance. Get to a page with 'renew today' and a big RENEW button - so far so good.

Click on the big RENEW button and it takes me to a ''My insurance policies' page which lists the policies already in force (I have a Red Pennant policy and it lists that).  It seems that it will only allow me to renew an existing policy.

I finally, after some exploring, find a place to actually get a quote, on the page titled 'Caravan insurance benefits'. 

Intuitive, no ?


replied on 05/01/2017 11:23

Posted on 05/01/2017 11:23

Factual Information - CT guidelines say  quote "don’t shout by posting in capital letters."

SteveL replied on 05/01/2017 12:14

Posted on 05/01/2017 12:14

Ability to highlight sections of a quote. Presently if you quote a post you can do nothing with it.

If you just copy and paste to get round it, you don't automatically get the poster and time of post which is useful.

All platforms I think?