What are reviews for?

moulesy replied on 08/07/2019 21:42

Posted on 08/07/2019 21:42

I like reading reviews of both club sites and CLs. I like to know what folk think of the sites, the surroundings, local places of interest, activities (even occasionally shopping opportunities!) and places to eat. For CLs it's also useful to know about any access difficulties or what facilities are available and their standard.

But just lately reviews, particularly of club sites seem to have become little more than an opportunity to air grievances. If it's not having a go at the wardens  (usually prefaced by comments like "we were only 50 minutes early", "my dog was only off the lead twice" , "I only just drove over the grass when reversing my van") it's complaints about barking dogs, loud TVs etc.

Today we have a review which now stretches to 20 posts and, apart from a reference to it being "a lovely site " in the opening sentence of the OP, there's not a single word about the site itself.

Is this what reviews should be? Are there not more appropriate means of taking up issues which have happened on one's visit? When I read reviews, even of club sites on, for example, UKcampsite these grievances aren't aired.

So my question is as in the title "what are reviews for"? What do others think?

moulesy replied on 04/08/2019 17:26

Posted on 04/08/2019 17:26

I've just reported another review from a first time reviewer using language about a warden that would be pretty quickly removed from the forum in general if used about a fellow member. It's clear that there is little if any  monitoring of first time reviews! frown