American motorhome tours

American motorhome tours

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Bixby Creek bridge, coast of California

Start your American adventure from £2,795pp

Drive your motorhome down California’s Highway 1 coastline, through the glorious national parks of Wyoming or along the length of Route 66 - let us make your American dream come true.

The thrill of America is that the reality exceeds your expectations. That first sight of the Golden Gate Bridge or the Statue of Liberty; the red rock canyons of Utah and Arizona, these and a hundred other images will take your breath away. We call it the shock of the familiar; place names from rock ‘n’ roll songs spring into life; panoramas straight out of Hollywood movies spread across the horizon; road trips taken by your favourite literary characters can be re-created.

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Top tip: In most states in America you can turn right at traffic lights even if they are red, unless there is a sign to the contrary, as long as you come to a complete stop first, the road is clear and it is safe to make the turn.

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