Driving in Europe after Brexit

Driving licences after Brexit

From January 2021 it will continue to be possible to drive in most European countries with a UK driving licence and it won`t be necessary to have an International Driving Permit (IDP). 
However, depending on which country you're visiting you may also need an IDP if you have: 
  • a paper driving licence 
  • a licence issued in Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey or the Isle of Man. 

Vehicle insurance and Green Cards from 1 January 2021

A Green Card is now required if you are driving abroad (including travel from Northern Ireland into the Republic of Ireland) in your own vehicle. A separate Green Card is required for each vehicle (if you have a multi-car policy for instance) and anything you may be towing such as your caravan or trailer tent or folding camper (unless it is under 750kgs or not braked). 

A Green Card for a car or motorhome needs to have Category A ('Car') ticked, a Green Card for a caravan, trailer or trailer tent / folding camper needs to have Category F ('Trailer') ticked. 

The Club cannot provide Green Cards directly, as we are not regulated insurers. However, if you have Motorhome insurance or Car insurance with the Club, Green Cards can be issued by our partner brokers, Devitt Insurance Services Ltd. You can call Devitt on 0345 300 4290.

  • If you have Caravan Cover with the Club AND you have Car insurance with the Club, Green Cards for both your caravan / trailer and your car can be issued by Devitt by calling the number above.
  • If you have Caravan Cover with the Club, but your car insurance is arranged through another insurance company or broker, you will need to speak to your car insurance provider and ask them to provide Green Cards for both vehicles. 

Please be aware that you must carry a physical copy of your Green Card/s when driving abroad - Green Cards won't be accepted in an electronic format so remember to print out your Green Card or request a physical copy from your insurer before you travel. The good news though is that despite the name, the Green Card doesn't have to be printed on green paper or card - normal white paper will suffice! If you do require a physical copy to be sent from your insurer, some insurers may require some time to provide this and it is recommended that you contact your insurer six weeks before travelling.

When driving abroad you may be required to show your Green Card/s at the border when entering the EU/EEA or moving between EU/EEA member states, but this will depend on the border authorities of the relevant country. You may also face police checks while driving abroad and will need to present your Green Card/s should you be unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident.  

Please be aware that some insurers may automatically include a Green Card at renewal whereas others may make a small charge when you request one. Devitt Insurance Services Ltd will charge a small administration fee but this will be the same amount whether you require one or two Green Cards. 

The Government is working on the UK remaining part of the Green Card-free circulation area which continues to be discussed with the EU Commission, so the situation may change. 

Further information can be found at biba.org.uk


GB stickers after Brexit

You need to display a GB identifier on the rear of your vehicle when travelling in Europe.    
If your number plate includes GB on its own or GB with the Union flag then you do not need a separate GB sticker, unless you are travelling in Spain in which case a separate GB sticker is also required.  
You will need a separate GB sticker displayed on the rear of your vehicle if your number plate has any of the following:
  • a Euro symbol
  • a national flag of England, Scotland or Wales
  • no flag or identifier 


What else do I need to take?

All the usual rules will still apply when you're planning to travel to Europe. Take a look at our helpful tips about European driving regulations, documentation and insurance and other European driving tips.

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