Run your own Certificated Location

"I enjoy meeting the visitors and have become friends with many of my repeat customers. We have lots of animals, including some rare white peacocks which visitors are often surprised to see."

Mrs Rudge, Aldeborough Hall Farm

"As caravanners ourselves, we liked CL sites and decided to create our own (30 years ago). People come here to relax or to enjoy the local cycling and walking opportunities. Since my husband passed away, running this site has become an even more important part of my life."

Mrs Marsh, Westgate House

"As many as 80% are return visitors. They are all friends really, coming back year after year. We give guests an information pack plus there's an information hut."

Graham and Jenny Burrows, Arden

Why run a site with us?

Joining our network of privately owned sites (referred to as ‘Certificated Locations’ or ‘CLs’) will enable you to:

  • Choose your pricing and retain 100% of the income (we do not take commission from you)
  • Remain in control over how your site runs, including opening times
  • Tap into the UK’s largest touring membership base
  • Be recognised as part of the UK’s largest certificated network
  • Feature your own page on our website, our booking app and our Sites Directory and Hand Book*
  • Introduce yourself in the magazine and the online community Club Together
  • Take advantage of available support from head office and your CL advisor

*The Site Directory and Handbook is produced bi-annually


What is a Certificated Location?

A small, privately-owned, five-van site on land certificated annually by The Club for the exclusive use of our members.

How much does an average CL charge for pitch fees?

Depending on your site facilities or location, Club members pay on average £10-£15 per night for a pitch.

What does it cost to become a CL?

All we charge is the £51 membership yearly subscription and that’s it – no extra or hidden fees. You are then entitled to all member benefits as well!

Will my CL appear on the Club website?

Yes, you’ll have your own web page where members can read about your site. Visitors who have stayed with you can leave a review on your page too. You’ll also be able to add the following features:

  • Photo gallery (up to 8 images)
  • Up to 500 words to introduce and describe your site
  • Contact details, facebook links, pricing information
  • Highlight nearby activities and great days out

Do I need planning permission?

Usually you won’t need any planning permission. However, if you need to construct buildings or other structures, or need to carry out any engineering works such as ground formation, all-weather surfacing, septic tank or effluent treatment plant installation you should approach your local planning authority to discuss the proposed works and they will advise you if planning permission is required. Work of his nature may be necessary before the Club is willing to grant a CL Certificate.

Who can stay on my site?

CLs are only accessible to Club members - that's a base of over 350 thousand people.

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