Cancellations and amendments

Club campsite late cancellation policy

The minimum notice required for any pitch cancellation is currently 72 hours, this will be calculated from 12 noon on your arrival date. Members who cancel inside this period or fail to turn up at a booked pitch on three occasions between 1 January and 31 December will be contacted and may have their membership suspended for 14 days and forward bookings cancelled.

Early departure policy

We understand that members and non-members sometimes wish to leave site earlier than originally planned. We ask you to inform the Site Staff before 12 midday, 72 hours prior to the new departure date. This enables us to make the pitch available to other visitors. Failure to do so will incur a charge of the first cancelled night. The Club reserves the right to change this policy during the season.

How are the policies applied?

Members cancelling late for the first time will be alerted to the breach of policy, either via the internet, contact centre or wardens on site. After a second late cancellation we will write to the member and following a third we will follow up by phone and post before applying a temporary suspension of 14 days and cancellation of forward bookings. Anyone who continues to breach the policies at this point risks their membership being suspended, with any further forward bookings made also cancelled.

Staying flexible

We realise that members enjoy the flexibility of touring with the Club and might want to take up a last-minute booking on another of our sites. If you decide to cancel a pre-booked Club site so you can stay at another of our fantastic locations, provided you book a period that includes the same dates, the late cancellation/early departure policy will not apply.

What should I do if I need to cancel?

If you do need to cancel a booking please call the Contact Centre on 01342 327 490 or the warden at the site in question. Alternatively you can cancel online or via the App.

Please note you will need to contact our Affiliated Sites and Certificated Locations directly as they have their own booking and cancellation policies. 

How will these changes affect me?

Most members are considerate and rarely leave it until the last minute to cancel bookings. So the majority will be completely unaffected! These changes are intended to allow members maximum access to pitches while retaining the flexible touring ethos for which the Club is recognised.

Search for and book a pitch at a UK Club site or take a look at late availability for the following 3 weekends.

Will the cancellation and amendment policy ever change?

The Club regularly evaluates current booking terms and cancellation and amendment policy matters. The current booking terms, cancellation and amendment policy is therefore subject to change. In the event that we change the booking terms, cancellation and amendment policy we may request that members and non-members with existing bookings adopt the new cancellation policy. We will do this by providing 1 weeks’ advance notification in writing and members and non-members unwilling to accept the changes will have the option of cancelling their booking at their discretion at no cost.