Vehicle charging on UK Club campsites


In February 2020 the Club introduced an additional fee for members who wanted to charge their electric or hybrid vehicles while staying on our campsites. Since then, ownership of such vehicles has increased along with the cost of electricity.

Having reviewed consumption and usage over the period, the Club feels that it is fairer that electric and hybrid vehicle users pay a single fee to charge their vehicles via their outfit. Hybrid cars and electric cars are now charged at the same rate of £9 per charge, effective from 5 April 2022. The fee charged is based on the assumption the vehicle is plugged in overnight, via your outfit, using a mode 2 cable, drawing power at a rate which should fully charge a hybrid's battery and give a useful top-up to most fully electric cars.

To ensure that you charge safely, we ask that you keep both habitation and car charging demand to a reasonable usage level and that you plug the car into a mains socket within your outfit using a mode 2 cable, not directly into the bollard. If you wish to charge your vehicle via your outfit while on a pitch, then please speak to our staff either upon arrival or during your stay, and let them know how many charges you wish to make. They will then be able to take payment from you.

This is available at all Club-owned sites. Any pitch that has an EHU bollard included can be used to charge an electric or hybrid vehicle, as long as charging takes place via a three-pin plug via your outfit.

Please note that a number of campsites also have specific higher power electric vehicle charging points installed in their car parks, and these will be charged at the prevailing rate at the time.

We would like to thank all members for your mindful use of electricity at UK Club campsites.