Electric vehicle charging facilities

Electric vehicle charging facilities

A simpler and fairer approach on Club campsites

You told us you wanted more on-site eco-friendly facilities to help support those of you who have already switched over to hybrid or electric vehicles. In February 2020 we started offering on-pitch hybrid and electric vehicle charging by plugging in your vehicle via your outfit (not directly into the bollard) across the majority of our Club campsites. Since then, ownership of such vehicles has increased along with the cost of electricity. Having reviewed consumption and usage over the period, the Club feels that it is fairer that electric and hybrid vehicle users pay a single fee of £9 a day to charge their vehicles via their outfit.

The Frequently Asked Questions section is available below to help guide you. Remember, If you wish to charge your vehicle from pitch, then please speak to our staff either upon arrival, or during your stay and let them know how many charges you wish to make. They will then be able to take payment from you.

Which Club campsites?

Dedicated EV charging facilities
(select and pay for the exact amount required). We listened to your feedback and continue to add level 2 electric vehicle charging stations to Club campsites on the network as shown below, with more coming each year as we redevelop sites where there is sufficient electrical power we will be installing dedicated chargers, for example at Pandy & Coed-Y-Llwyn Club campsites in summer 2023.

Dedicated 22kW charging stations are available in the car parks at:

Dedicated 7kW charging stations are available in the car parks at:

We are continuing to future-proof our Club as hybrid and electric vehicle ownership grows, and are committed to providing the simplest and fairest way to charge vehicles on-site across our Club campsite network.

How to charge my vehicle

The dedicated EV charges on the sites above have clear instruction on them of how to use / operate:

  1. Select which socket you are connected to (left or right).
  2. Select the amount of charge (power) you wish to add to your car 10/20/30/40/50/60KW (this is the amount of power that the charger will deliver to your car).
  3. There is no connection charge. Simple tap your debit of credit card to authorise payment and pay for the amount of power required (the £ rate is indicated on the KW value you chose, we don't publish this as its subject to change as electricity companies constantly amend these).
  4. Please note if you disconnect or don't use the full KW amount selected we are unable to refund, as the system doesn't reflect what wasn't used.
  5. There is no time restriction but it’s preferred that users move their car once charged so others can use the charging point.

Vehicle charging on UK Club campsites

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Frequently asked questions

Why have you decided to start asking guests to pay to charge their electric/ hybrid vehicle on pitch?

We started asking guests to pay to charge their electric or hybrid vehicle in February 2020 as we had seen a rise in guests converting to electric/hybrid vehicles, and as electricity is provided on pitch, some guests have chosen to charge their vehicle from them. 

Since this time ownership has grown significantly and as electricity prices increase this is putting increased pressure on the sites network.

We feel that it is fairer to all members that electric/hybrid vehicle users pay a  fee to charge their vehicles via their outfit, not via the bollard as they are drawing more power than guests who do not own these types of cars.

When does this take effect from?

Charges were introduced in February 2020, and price increases are being implemented from 5 April 2022 due to the pressure on electricity costs experienced by domestic and commercial customers across the UK.

How can I pay to charge my car?

If you wish to charge your vehicle via your outfit whilst on the pitch, then please speak to our staff either upon arrival, or during your stay and let them know how many charges you wish to make. They will then be able to take payment from you.

Which sites/pitches is this applicable to?

This is available at all Club owned sites except Wyatts Covert Club Campsite*. Any pitch that has an electric hook up bollard included can be used to charge an electric/hybrid car. Please note a number of sites (listed here) have specific EV charging points installed in the car park and these will be charged at the prevailing rate at the time.

*With the electrical metering trial at Wyatts Covert Club Campsite this will allow members to plug in via their outfit and pay directly for their whole outfit’s electricity consumption whilst using the pitch. Therefore the EV vehicle £9 charge will no longer be applicable here. With a successful trial, we'll then look at a larger scale roll out to other sites on the network.

What restrictions do you have when charging vehicles?

To ensure that you charge safely, we ask that you keep both habitation and car charging demand to a reasonable usage level and that you plug the car into a mains socket within your outfit using a mode 2 cable, not directly into the bollard.

What if I don't know how many times I want to charge my car during my stay?

That's ok, just come and let us know when you do know, or come and see us after you have charged if you prefer. The site's staff can take payment at any time when the reception is open.

How much will I need to pay to charge my car?

Hybrid cars and  Electric cars are charged the same rate of £9 per charge (this is worked out on the assumption a car is plugged in overnight, via your outfit using a mode 2 cable, drawing a maximum of 2.3kw, which is the same regardless of the car type). At Wyatts Covert Club Campsite the only difference is that you will be charged by the metering device (via your Smart Meter online account) as opposed to the separate £9 a day charge.

How did you decide your electric vehicle charging rates if you are not metering?

The pence per unit charge which the Club currently pays is significantly higher than domestic rates. We can’t quote the exact figure as this is commercially sensitive information. It is also a common misconception that larger electricity users like a Club Campsite must pay less per unit than a small user like a domestic house. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Different vehicles with different capacity batteries (and indeed states of charge) would require different amounts of power to recharge. Ideally, we would prefer to meter and charge for the exact power used, and it remains our intention to move to that principle when the onsite technology to deliver a good user experience for members is available. At present, we have not found an available solution that does exactly what we believe members would want, especially in the rural settings of many of our sites where wi-fi and even broadband internet connections are not always guaranteed. However, we continue to engage with the infrastructure providers as their systems evolve, and have started to trial an electric metering system at Wyatt’s Covert Club Campsite.

It’s unfair to directly compare domestic charge rates with those available via any commercial public charging facility (which is in effect what the Club is offering, as we buy our electricity at commercial business rates). So EV charger rates will reflect a higher unit price than domestic rates. Many commercial suppliers launched their charging facilities with flat fee rates, or membership rates, and then changed to metered rates as their infrastructure developed. With the present instability of electrical pricing, we are forced to monitor and react as these large changes are passed through, in exactly the same way charge point suppliers are also doing.

How quickly will my car charge?

This depends on the car and its battery size, however we expect a charge of no more than 2.3kW is feasible or sensible to be taken via your outfit. This will likely fully charge a hybrid vehicle and give a useful top up for a fully electric vehicle.

If you need a fast charge or to fully charge an electric vehicle we recommend you go off site to a local charging station.

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