Dunbar Certificated Locations

Dunbar is located in the south-east coast of Scotland, within the East Lothian region. It's a pretty seaside town with plenty of sandy beaches, rocky sandstone cliffs, historic attractions and independent shops, making it the perfect place for a family holiday.

There are plenty of opportunities for outdoor pursuits here, whether you like gold, birdwatching, sailing or just plain walking, with a section of the John Muir coastal path starting from one of the harbours.

Speaking of John Muir, there is also a museum dedicated to the naturalist on the High Street within the house that he was born.

For more history, don't miss the ruins of the castle overlooking the harbours.

When it comes to places to eat in Dunbar, nobody will be disappointed. There is a huge range of fresh, local produce available from the variety of tea rooms, cafes, cosy pubs and high-end restaurants, including ice cream, fish, bread and beer.


Finally, if you're visiting in September, you'll definitely want to check out the weekend-long music festival hosted by the town for live bands and much more.