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cyberyacht replied on 05/01/2017 08:59

Posted on 05/01/2017 08:59


This thread is not for discussions. Post ONLY factual information.

To provide a comprehensive list of problems encountered, I would suggest that each post lists only one issue at a time.

Provide details of problem  as concisely as possible.

Operating system, machine used and relevant software. i.e. Macbook/ PC/tablet, Windows XP/ iOS7 etc, Safari/Internet Explorer/Chrome inc version No.

Please do not enter into discussions such as "I've had/not had this problem" as this will detract from the objectivity of the thread. Hopefully this thread may assist the IT department in finding where "all the bodies are buried".


EJB986 replied on 05/01/2017 09:06

Posted on 05/01/2017 09:06

Text cannot easily be read by some people due to such a low contrast ratio.

Windows 10/Edge

EJB986 replied on 05/01/2017 09:08

Posted on 05/01/2017 09:08

Logging in does not return the poster to the correct start point!

Windows 10/IE

EJB986 replied on 05/01/2017 09:13

Posted on 05/01/2017 09:13

Downloading images is too complicated and the results are often not satisfactory!

Windows 10/IE

EJB986 replied on 05/01/2017 09:19

Posted on 05/01/2017 09:19

Drop down links at the top of the page are too sensitive.

Windows all combinations from Vista on.

KeefySher replied on 05/01/2017 09:19

Posted on 05/01/2017 09:19

MacBook Pro El Capitan 10.11.3 Safari 9.0.3

After reading a post in a thread, browser back button brings up thread list of 4 days ago.

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