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We have just returned from a 10 night break at Hunters Moon and this is the first time in 10 years of being a committed C&Motorhome member I have felt the necessity to leave a negative review. First of all be warned - very unfriendly and unhelpful wardens. We arrived on Friday 4th September and we were told that despite booking a pitch for a caravan and awning we were informed that all hardstandings were full and we were directed to the grass pitches. Normally this would not have been a problem but it is important to be aware the grass pitches are cramped, damp, dismal and in a valley of trees. There is very little sunlight and the pitches are very small and ours certainly wasn't big enough for an awning. I went back to reception to be told by one of the female wardens that there was nothing at all they could do to help - when I asked if we could move the next day I was snapped at and told the she was far too busy to see whether anybody was leaving the next day. I was almost in tears as the pitch we were on was absolutely awful and the thought of spending 10 nights on it was very upsetting. We then wandered round the site and got chatting to some lovely people who informed us they were leaving the next morning. I then went back to reception to ask if we could move to this vacant pitch the next morning and I was accused of 'hassling people'. I then asked if we could move the next morning and would be able to put our water carrier on the pitch whilst we connected the caravan and I was told that under no circumstances would be able to do that as it was against the rules. Interestingly, another couple we got chatting to informed us that they regularly stayed here and they phoned ahead to get their favourite pitch. There were several pitches with reserved signs on them which was very unusual. Anyway, we did move on the Saturday morning at 8am and our new pitch was much better and we had the advantage of truly wonderful neighbours on all sides - they made our holiday and they were all just as fed up as we were by the attitude of the wardens. In addition to this it is worth noting that there is a traveller site next door and there is lots of noise and disruptions from barking dogs, screaming children and motorbikes racing around all evening. This is obviously not the fault of the C&M club but nevertheless should be pointed out before you book. The area is stunning and the site is clean and tidy - its just a shame the wardens could not be more friendly and obliging as they have been on all other sites we have stayed on over the years. Maybe the Covid situation has taken its toll but there is not excuse for the rudeness and lack of respect shown throughout our stay.

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