Spain: Calais to Girona

Onyar River, Girona, Cataluna, Spain

Spain: Calais to Girona

Spanning 360 miles along the Mediterranean coast, Cataluña in the northeastern part of Spain is home to Romanesque art, medieval mountain monasteries, Art Nouveau masterpieces and Roman ruins. Given the UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 2010, Cataluña has its unique local customs and own language. Enjoy the spectacular beaches and with its cuisine as varied as its landscapes, world-class gastronomy.

Our two suggested routes to the destination of Girona, both start at Calais in France. One is a more leisurely route through Normandy and Toulouse for people with time to explore, whilst the other is a more direct route, passing Paris and Clermont-Ferrand for people who want to get there a little quicker.

Stopover 1: La Forêt Jumièges, Normandy (Club ref: N15)

Calais - Boulogne - Rouen

Stay at: La Forêt Jumièges, Normandy (Club ref: N15)

  • Set to a rural backdrop of the beautiful Forêt de Brotonne, La Forêt Jumièges is a welcoming, family-run campsite with a relaxed, peaceful atmosphere.
  • There are many amenities on-site including a swimming and splash pool, a playground and outdoor fitness area. Bikes are available for hire so that you can explore the Natural Park at your own leisure.
  • Head into the nearby town of Jumièges and discover some of the local attractions including the Abbaye de Jumièges, the Château du Taillis and the 14th century Manoir Agnès Sorel.
  • Spend the day in the charming city of Rouen, approximately 40 minutes drive from the campsite. Located on the banks of the River Seine, Rouen is the capital of Normandy and is best known for its stunning Rouen Cathedral, that was depicted by Monet's paintings. Famously described by Victor Hugo as "the city of a hundred spires", Rouen boasts many attractions including the museum dedicated to Joan of Arc, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Gros Horloge astronomic clock and the stunning gothic architecture of the Palais de Justice.

Visit La Forêt Jumièges campsite

Stopover 2: L'isle verte, Pays de la Loire (Club ref: L34)

Alençon - Le Mans - Angers

Stay at: L'isle verte, Pays de la Loire (Club ref: L34)

  • Nestled in one of the most beautiful areas of the UNESCO classed "Loire Valley", L'Isle Verte is a peaceful campsite is set on the banks of the river, with direct cycle paths along the Loire.
  • There is a heated outdoor swimming pool for guests to enjoy in the summer months, as well as tennis and a play area for children. The on-site bar and restaurant offers local wines from the Saumur region and host regular wine tasting sessions throughout the week.
  • Head to the charming village of Montsoreau close by and visit the stunning, white stone Renaissance Château de Montsoreau, set on the edge of the Loire River.
  • Just under 10 minutes drive from the campsite is the town of Fontevraud-l'Abbaye founded in 1118 by Saint Bernard, it is one of the oldest Cistercian abbeys in Europe. The King of England, Henry II, his wife Eleanor of Aquitaine and their son, King Richard the lionheart were all buried here at the end of the 12th century.
  • The campsite has put together a "Loire Wines Passport" to help guide you through a selected 12 winegrowers. Here you can see the vineyards, dive into the cellars that are dug into the hillside and meet these passionate winegrowers before sampling some of their delights.

Visit L'isle Verte campsite

Stopover 3: Le Paradis-Mazières, Nouvelle-Aquitaine (Club ref: D37)

Saumur - Poitiers - Limoges

Stopover 3: Le Paradis-Mazières, Nouvelle-Aquitaine (Club ref: D37)

  • The small, friendly campsite of Le Paradis-Mazières is nestled in the scenic countryside and is located just north of the Parc Naturel of the Perigold-Limousin.
  • Visit the Perigold-Limousin Regional Natural Park and explore the diverse landscapes, with its large amount of woodlands and forests, with lots of lakes and streams. You'll also come across a number of historic monuments including the modest Château de Richemont or the ruined medieval castle of Château de Chalus-Chabrol.
  • Take a trip to the Château de la Rochefoucauld, the 11th century castle known as 'A jewel of Renaissance', located under 30 minutes drive from the campsite. The imposing castle of Charente shows the diversity of its architecture, whilst the oldest part is the Roman dungeon, and the numerous sculptures are both points of interest.
  • Situated near the village of Chassenon, the Lavaud and Mas Chaban lakes offer a wide range of water-based activities such as sailing, canoeing, catamaraning, windsurfing and fishing. Swimmers should head to the Lavaud lakes, just 30 minutes from the campsite, as it offers two fine-sand beaches.

Visit Le Paradis-Mazières campsite

Stopover 4: Saint-Emilion, Nouvelle-Aquitaine (Club ref: D08)

Confolens - Bordeaux

Stopover 4: Saint-Emilion, Nouvelle-Aquitaine (Club ref: D08)

  • The Saint-Emilion campsite is ideal for families with plenty of activities to keep the younger guests entertained, including a games room, a playarea, minigolf, a paddling pool and free use of the pedalos and kayaks to go out onto the pretty fishing lake that borders the campsite.
  • Take advantage of the free shuttle service into the charming medieval village of Saint-Émilion. Here you can discover the world-famous wineries, the beautiful architecture and the wonderful monuments.
  • Go on a guided tour of the famous 12th century Monolithic church, visit the catacombs, check out the original cave of Saint Émilion and see the impressive paintings of the 14th century Chapelle de la Trinité.
  • Jump on a train and head to Bordeaux, the main hub of the famed wine-growing region. Enjoy a vineyard tour or wander through the notable art museums such as the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux.

Visit Saint-Emilion campsite

Stopover 5: Camping InNature Arques, Occitanie (Club ref: C38)

Saint-Émilion - Toulouse - Carcassonne

Stopover 5: Camping InNature Arques, Occitanie (Club ref: C38)

  • The recently renovated campsite, Camping InNature Arques, boasts the stunning backdrop of the Corbières mountains and is only an hour's drive from the Mediterranean sea.
  • Located on the Lake D'Arques, you can enjoy a quiet spot for fishing or try out some the water activities including paddle boarding and canoeing. There is also a swimming pool on-site.
  • Visit the charming local village of Arques which is centred on culture, history and wine, with many vineyards surrounding it. 
  • Head to the hilltop town of Carcassonne, a hour's drive from the campsite, best known for its famous medieval fortress, Le Cité de Carcassonne, with its numerous watchtowers and double-walls.
  • Just 15 minutes drive from the campsite is Rennes-les-Bains that is know for its five public hot springs that have appeared from the Salz river giving this pretty village a spa-resort status.

Visit Camping InNature Arques campsite

Stopover 6: L'Amfora, Cataluña (Club ref: E22)

Carcassonne - Perpignan - Sant Pere Pescador

Stopover 6: L'Amfora, Cataluña (Club ref: E22)

  • L'Amfora is a stunningly, spacious campsite in the famous Gulf of Roses, with direct access to a superb sandy beach, just 40 minutes from the French border.
  • This lively, active campsite has a wonderous swimming pool complex, with water slides, a water-play areas for children, jacuzzi pools and a brand new lagoon pool. There's plenty of activities to keep the whole family entertained including fitness park, a jumping park, tennis and basketball courts, mini golf and so much more.
  • The beautiful medieval city of Girona is less than an hour's drive away and is filled with colourful buildings, especially along the River Onyar and near the Eiffel Bridge.
  • Head to Figueres in Girona, and visit the Dalí Theatre and Museum, a museum dedicated to the artist of surrealist paintings, Salvador Dalí who lived in the city and who is buried beneath the dome of the Figueres Theatre-Museum. 

Visit L'Amfora campsite

Stopover 1: L'Etang de la Vallée , Centre-Val-de-Loire (Club ref: L38)

Calais - Lille - Paris

Stay at: L'Etang de la Vallée , Centre-Val-de-Loire (Club ref: L38)

  • Located in the heart of the Loire Valley, L'Etang de la Vallée has a relaxing and peaceful environment, and is set adjacent to a recreational lake with a large sandy beach.
  • In high season, there's many activities to take part in including yoga and relaxtion classes, children's activities, mini golf, table tennis, and more. There is a dining bar, a bread store and a small shop for groceries. Renovations are under way for expanding the facilities, including a swimming pool.
  • Take a trip into the city of Orléans, nestled on the banks of the Loire river, it is one of the oldest cities in France and offers visitors 'authentic tourism'. Liberated by Joan of Arc in 1429, the city pays homage to her with the Maison de Jeanne d'Arc and Les Fêtes de Jeanne d’Arc in Orléans, a festival dedicated to her at the end of April every year.
  • Enroute to your next stopover, visit The Château de Sully, the largest of the Renaissance châteaux of southern Burgundy, which was built in 1570. 

Visit L'Etang de la Vallée campsite

Stopover 2: Le Château de Poinsouze, Nouvelle-Aquitaine (Club ref: L16)

Orléans - Vierson - Bourges

Stat at: Le Château de Poinsouze, Nouvelle-Aquitaine (Club ref: L16)

  • The luxurious Le Château de Poinsouze is set in the Creuse countryside, surrounded by trees and fields which give off a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.
  • The word 'Poinsouze' is from the old French meaning for 'place of water sources' which is accurate, with its water park for the whole family, including slides, a paddling pool and an Infinity pool. The campsite itself has stunning views of the nearby lake.
  • A short stroll to nearby Boussac, a medieval town steeped in history with an impressive 15th century castle overlooking the Petite Creuse valley.
  • Around 40 minutes drive away is the town of Montluçon, originally built in the Middle Ages, this historical town has several churches of interest to explore including the 12th century Church of Saint-Pierre and the 15th century Church of Notre-Dame. It is also now home to the Museum of Popular Music.

Visit Le Château de Poinsouze campsite

Stopover 3: Les Genêts, Occitanie (Club ref: D07)

Montluçon - Vichy - Clermont-Ferrand

Stopover 3: Les Genêts, Occitanie (Club ref: D07)

  • Located on the shores of Lake Pareloup, Les Genêts is a stunning campsite with a scenic backdrop and a wonderful base to explore the Aveyron region.
  • There are some wonderful services for guests to enjoy from a bar, grill, a pizzeria and a grocery store, as well as some on-site leisure facilities including a heated pool, a spa, mini golf and a multi-sports ground. There is also direct access to the large sandy beach where you can enjoy many water sports activities on the lake.
  • Visit the picturesque Gorges du Tarn, just over a hour's drive from the campsite, and see the dramatic gorges running from Le Rozier to Quézac, that are the deepest gorges found anywhere in Europe. 
  • Under 40 minutes drive from the campsite is the town of Millau, home to The Millau Viaduct which spans the Tam Gorge and is the world's tallest bridge at 343 metres high.
  • Explore the nearby city of Rodez and make time to see the stunning interior of Rodez cathedral with its impressive stained glass windows and majestic organ. Join a guided tour to go up to the belltower.

Visit Les Genêts campsite

Stopover 4: L'Amfora, Cataluña (Club ref: E22)

Montpellier - Narbonne - Sant Pere Pescador

Stopover 4: L'Amfora, Cataluña (Club ref: E22)

  • Just 40 minutes from the French border, L'Amfora is an exquisitely large campsite in the well-known Gulf of Roses with direct access to an excellent sandy beach.
  • This vibrant campsite boasts an amazing pool complex with water slides, water play areas for children, jacuzzi pools, and a newly fitted lagoon pool. There's plenty of activities for the whole family including a mini golf course, a fitness park, a jumping park, tennis and basketball facilities, and much more.
  • Less than an hour's drive away from the campsite is the medieval city of Girona which is teeming with vibrant architecture and colourful buildings, particularly along the River Onyar and close to the Eiffel Bridge.
  • Visit the Dalí Theatre and Museum in Figueres, Girona. The museum honors the surrealist painter Salvador Dalí, who was born and raised in the city and is who is buried beneath the theatre's dome.

Visit L'Amfora campsite

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