Hull Certificated Locations

Hull, or Kingston upon Hull to give it its full name, is a city in the English county of Yorkshire that lies on the Humber estuary.

It is an excellent place to head to for a British break, as there's simply so much to do. You can wander down the cobbled streets of the Old Town to get a taste of Hull in years gone by and learn more about history in Museum Quarter, which houses the Maritime Museum among other excellent institutions.

Anyone who likes a walk might enjoy taking in facts about Hull on a walking tour, with themes including the fish trail to choose from.

Another must-see is The Deep, an enormous aquarium housing thousands of fish amid interactive displays that will surely wow the kids as well as the rest of the family.

Add to this a fantastic choice of shops, restaurants, pubs and cafes and you'll probably agree that Hull should definitely be an entry on your list of essential British travel destinations.