Pump-King membership card

About the Pump-King membership card promotion

Since the Pump-King membership card promotion was launched in November 2018, over a third of Club members have signed up to the offer and have already made significant savings on the cost of fuel.

Due to the enormous popularity and demand for this offer, card despatch may take up to 28 working days.

We want to sincerely apologise to those members who have experienced delays in receiving their Pump-King membership card.

Rest assured, the Club and Pump-King are working closely to rectify any issues and clear the backlog of member applications for Pump-King membership cards.

Members who currently have the card will be sent a new Pump-King membership card by 19 February 2019.

Save on fuel across the country

Members save on average 5p per litre off Diesel Unleaded and 8p per litre off Premium Diesel and Premium Unleaded against the pump price

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new Pump-King membership card, to help drive down the cost of touring. Members are guaranteed to save on fuel at the largest network of Esso stations across the UK.

Benefits of your Pump-King membership card: 

  • SAVE an average of 8 pence per litre on premium and 5 pence per litre on standard unleaded and diesel.^
  • Earn Tesco Clubcard points when you fill up at every Esso station.
  • FREE to sign up, no transaction and no processing fees!




If you have any queries about your Pump-King membership card please email customer.service@pump-king.co.uk 

Terms and conditions

  • Offer only available to Caravan and Motorhome Club (CAMC) members. Address of CAMC member must match the address to where the fuel membership card will be sent. 
  • Members can apply for one card which will require one vehicle registration number.  Please note the card can be used for ALL vehicles within the household.
  • Members can only register for a fuel membership card with a Debit Card (Credit Cards are not currently accepted).
  • Discounted rate only applies on fuel purchased from Esso stations in the UK.
  • Discounted rate only applies on fuel purchased with the fuel membership card at the point of purchase. 
  • ^ Saving varies based on Pump-King special rate and Esso pump price rate. On average members will save 8p per litre on premium diesel or unleaded fuel and 5p per litre on standard diesel or unleaded fuel.  In the unlikely event that the forecourt fuel prices are cheaper than the Pumpk-King fuel prices, members are guaranteed to save a minimum of 1 pence per litre on any fuel type.
  • If you register for a fuel membership card you will be entering into a legal agreement with PK Fuel Limited. 
  • PK Fuel Limited has the right to verify that fuel membership card customers have a valid and active Club membership, in order to receive the benefits of the fuel membership card. Any void or lapsed Club memberships will result in a cancelled fuel membership card.

    This offer is made by PK Fuel Limited 11-12 St. James Square, Suite 1, London, 
    SW1Y 4LB.