Important information about 2020 UK Club site prices

We wanted to give you advance notice that from 12 November 2019, we’ll be making a small price increase to UK Club Site prices for the year ahead. This is to cover the rising price of utilities and the day to day costs of running a network of 160 UK Club Sites.

What’s changing?

From 12 November 2019 prices for stays at UK Club Sites during 2020 will increase slightly. 

Why are prices changing slightly?

We make every effort to predict costs accurately, however during 2019 it has become apparent that the operating costs for 2020 are now expected to be higher than originally forecast. 

Therefore to cover the rising price of utilities and the day to day costs of running a network of 160 UK Club sites, we are required to apply a small increase to the current 2020 prices.

What are the additional rises in costs?

The largest contributing rises in costs are energy and utility costs, site repairs and maintenance, and The National Living Wage.

Can’t the Club just absorb the additional rises in costs?

As a membership organisation, any surplus we make is reinvested back into the Club - for the benefit of all members. The small price rise is needed to ensure Club sites generates sufficient revenue for reinvestment - to maintain and improve the network in order to provide the high standard members expect. In 2020 the Club are planning to invest up to £9m on redeveloping sites, examples of which include Penrhos Club Site in Anglesey, Battle Normanhurst Court in Hastings and River Breamish Club Site in Alnwick. In addition to this, a further programme of work will be undertaken across numerous sites costing in the region of £1.5m to keep the network in great condition ready for 2020 arrivals.

What will happen to the prices of bookings made already?

If a booking is completely within peak season, there will not be any price increase.

If a booking starts in off-peak and continues into peak season, we will honour the original price paid for all dates during the members stay.

However, due to system restrictions, the limited number of bookings which start in peak season and continue into other off-peak seasons will be charged at the new 2020 prices for all dates of the stay.

What happens if I need to amend my booking after the price increase?

If you change your original dates booked after 11 November 2019 you will be charged the new 2020 prices.

What happens if I cancel my booking and make a new booking?

If you cancel a booking for 2020 made prior to 12 November 2019 and make a new booking you will be charged the new 2020 prices.

Are all UK Club site prices being increased for 2020?

Prices at the following sites are not being increased: 

  • Cadeside

  • Chapel Lane

  • Gowerton

  • Kendal

  • Malvern Hills

  • Nunnykirk

Will there be a price guide for 2020?

Yes, there will be a 2020 price guide available by the new year. From 12 November 2020 prices will be on each site details page on the website.

Why have you emailed me about this?

As this is an important change for our UK Club site prices, we felt it necessary to let all members know. Please do not worry, your marketing email permissions have not been changed.