Smart Metering - General FAQs for Wyatts Covert

What is Smart Metering?

Smart Metering enables us to measure the amount of electricity consumed by members and guests when plugging into the electrical hookup (socket on the bollard) allocated to your pitch. Similar to how many of us use a smart meter at home, we will only charge you for the precise amount of electricity you use. This allows us to reduce our campsite fees and puts you in control of how much electricity you use.

Why is the Club trialling Smart Metering?

The day to day cost of utilities on the UK Club campsite network remains high, mainly due to global energy prices. In fact, electricity prices have more than tripled since 2019. We have had many members ask when the Club will introduce on pitch electric metering to not only help members take control of how much energy they use on site and thus the price they pay but also because driving down energy consumption will help support the Club's drive towards being a more sustainable business. Smart Metering is just one of the initiatives the Club is progressing as part of its commitment to sustainability. Find out more at camc.com/sustainability

Will my pitch fee reduce?

Yes. All our current pitch fee's have a built in cost for electricity. When you stay on a Smart Metering trial campsite, this fee will be removed from your pitch at the precalculated average we presently use. This puts you in control of your electrical spend - so you can use a little less and you could save when staying with us, plus, of course reduce your impact on the environment.

Where will it be available?

The initial trial will be at Wyatts Covert Club Campsite in Denham, Buckinghamshire. A further trial is expected at Ashridge Farm Club Campsite, Hertfordshire, later in the year - more information will be provided nearer the time.

When does the trial start?

The Smart Metering trial at Wyatts Covert Club Campsite is currently expected to begin on 17 May 2023.

What is the benefit to me?

Metered electrical power will allow you to have the flexibility and control for your own usage and spend. You can choose to use and spend as much or as little as you want.

Will this be rolled out to all campsites?

This is a trial and will run during 2023 to enable a decision to be made in terms of a future roll out to the entire network of UK Club campsites.

Does my pitch include any electricity for the trial?

No - the pitch fee does not include any on pitch electricity charge. You will need to set up a Smart Meter online account to access the power for your pitch.

How will this affect my arrival on site?

We recommend that you create a Smart Meter online account before you travel to reduce any delay you may experience on arrival. You will still check in at reception and pitch up as usual. The only difference will be in starting your power. Simply follow the set up steps on our website camc.com/smartmetering.

Will someone be there to help?

Yes our site team will be on hand to help and there will also be a help sheet handout detailing the simple setup steps.

Can I limit what I use/ pay?

Yes - if you only want to spend a certain amount, you can only simply top up that value. This means that once that value is reached, power will be shut off preventing you from overspending. However, the system will send you an alert should your value be close to the limit to inform you that the power will be switching off soon. This will enable you to be in complete control of what you spend.

How will I know how much to top up? Will there be any guidelines?

As part of the trial, we will be testing and determining how easy it is to reduce and control your electricity consumption. Remember, you will receive a full refund on any balance you don't use, and can always top up if you use more than expected.

How can I see how much power I have used?

This can be checked via your Smart Meter online account. You will be able to access your current live usage and spend, as well as historical usage information. This will allow you to learn about your typical usage.

Can I get a receipt for what I have used at the end of the stay?

Yes - you can access this via your Smart Meter online account.

I don't have a smartphone, how can I access metered power?

Via the Smart Metering website which can be accessed via tablet or laptop. If you do not have any of these, please speak to the site staff who will assist you.

I don't want to use electric/ I have my own solar panels - do I need to pay for electric if I'm not using any?

No - with the trial, every pitch becomes a 'non-electric' pitch, and you only pay for the power if you choose to use any. If you don't plan on using power, you don't need to plug in or activate your socket.

What will the unit price be? Will there be off peak/ cheaper times to use power?

The unit price is reflective of the rate we are charged by the electrical company that supplies the campsite, which is a flat tariff as we are a commercial site. OFGEM (energy regulator) regulates the charge setting.

I have a motorhome and I unplug each day, how will metering work for me?

As you disconnect your power consumption stops. Once you return and plug in you will then need to reactivate your power via your Smart Meter online account.

How will this affect the leisure battery in my outfit?

The power consumption in your outfit is your own choice and should you wish to charge your leisure battery this will be reflected in your usage and hence charge. If you don't want to use campsite electricity then ensure via your Smart Meter online account that your socket is deactivated or simply unplug.

Could someone plug into my pitch and use money from my account?

No - once your cable/ lead is unplugged, your transaction will end. Your Smart Meter online account can then not be reactivated for that socket until you do so via your account. If someone else did plug in to your socket, then, they would have to activate it themselves from their online account and pay for the power themselves.

What happens if I change pitch mid stay? How will that work?

Firstly check with the staff that the pitch is available (not out for maintenance) and inform them of your wish to move. When you unplug your cable your power will deactivate. Once you move to the new pitch, plug in, log in to your account and arrive at the new socket number that links to the new pitch you are on.

What happens if there is a power cut?

Power cuts can happen, either in the area, site or to a group of pitches. The cause could be a local problem in the area or a trip within the campsite. Rest assured if you have no electricity going through the socket the MID meter will not be running, and therefore you won't be charged. You will need to check your bollard to if the trip has occurred there (if this is the case, you'll need to check you're not drawing too much power or have a fault in your unit). If the tripswitch is still engaged then its a larger issue and it will need to be reported to the site staff.

I have essential equipment on board due to a medical condition that requires an electrical supply. What happens if I get cut off?

Power cuts can happen, and occasionally do at our campsites too. Anyone needing specific medical equipment that requires a electrical supply should take appropriate steps to ensure they have an alternative power source which can either be a battery or a generator.

What is the price I will pay for electricity and is the Club profiting from this?

The unit price is reflective of the rate we are charged by the electrical company that supplies the campsite, which is a flat tariff as we are a commercial site. OFGEM (energy regulator) regulates the charge setting and we cannot add a profit to electrical unit cost.

Will the electric unit cost be more than I pay at home?

Club campsites are treated as a commercial location by the electrical companies and thus liable for a higher charge rate than domestic properties.

Can I charge my EV or hybrid vehicle at my pitch?

Yes you can safely do this by plugging your EV into your outfit in the same way as our other campsites using a mode 2 cable (do no plug directly into the bollard).The only difference is that you will be charged by the metering device (via your Smart Meter online account) as opposed to the separate £9 a day charge.

What happens if I need to leave early and I still have credit on my account?

If you require to leave earlier than originally planned, simply deactivate and unplug your socket and your electrical power usage will cease. Hence you will not be liable for any further electrical power charges. You can then access your Smart Meter online account and instruct for any outstanding balance to be refunded. Or you can leave it for the next time you visit Wyatts Covert Club Campsite.

I am a regular visitor to Wyatts Covert Club Campsite, can any credit on account stay active until my next visit or how long is it valid for?

Any spare credit will remain to your online account for future use as long as the trial continues (presently planned for 1 year from April 2023). If you choose to claim back unused credit, you will be able to request a refund to the bank account used for your Smart Meter online account.

Is this just the Club trying to cut costs?

We are ensuring that everyone only pays fairly for what they use. Electrical power demand varies hugely throughout the year and by different outfit type. Driving down energy consumption will also help support the Club's drive towards being a more sustainable business. Smart Metering is just one of the initiatives the Club is progressing as part of its commitment to sustainability. Find out more camc.com/sustainability

Smart Metering - Existing Booking at Wyatts Covert (prior to 5th April)

I have a booking at Wyatts Covert Club Campsite for 2023/24, what do I need to do?

If you made a booking prior to 5 April 2023 for a stay from 17 May 2023 onwards, we will be in contact with you directly as you’ll be able to choose if you’d like to opt into the trial. You do not need to do anything at this stage, you can decide on the day you arrive at the campsite. (Please note: the option to take part in the trial is only available for existing bookings. If you make a new booking at Wyatts Covert Club Campsite you will automatically be included in the trial.)

Why are you doing this?

Many members have asked when we will introduce on-pitch electric metering to reduce pitch fees and put you in control of how much energy you use.

In addition, sustainability is an important focus for us, so by putting you in control, you can use a little less and save when staying with us, plus, of course minimising your impact on the environment.

When does the trial start?

The Smart Metering trial at Wyatts Covert Club Campsite is currently expected to begin on 17 May 2023.

Do I have to take part in the trial?

No, if you have an existing booking (made prior to 5 April 2023) you don’t have to take part. If you choose not to take part in the trial your booking will be unaffected.

How is the reduced price calculated?

If you take part in the trial we will reduce the price of your booking based on the expected average cost of the electricity members and guests typically consume when staying at Wyatts Covert Club Campsite during the same period as your stay.

What happens if I amend my booking?

If you amend your existing booking (made prior to 5 April 2023) it will automatically recalculate at the new price. This will mean that you will automatically be opted in to the trial. All future bookings made after 5 April for stays from 17 May 2023 for Wyatts Covert Club Campsite will be at the newly adjusted price.

I have an existing booking and would like to take part in the trial. How do I opt in?

When you check in, please let our site staff know that you would like to take part in the Smart Metering trial. You’ll pay the updated total price for your booking without electricity. If you have paid in full already, our site staff will arrange for the price reduction to be refunded to your account.

Electric vehicle charging

Why have you decided to start asking guests to pay to charge their electric/hybrid vehicle on pitch?

Over the past few years, we have seen a rise in guests converting to electric/hybrid vehicles and as electricity is provided on pitch, some guests have chosen to charge their vehicle from them. 

This is fine, as long as it is done safely, however this additional draw down of electricity does then increase the usage across the network. We feel that it is fairer to all members that electric/hybrid vehicle users pay a small fee to charge their vehicles from pitch as they are drawing more power than guests who do not own these types of cars.

How can I pay to charge my car?

Hybrid cars and  Electric cars are charged the same rate of  £9 per charge (this is worked out on the assumption a car is plugged in overnight, via your outfit using a mode 2 cable drawing a maximum of 2.3kw, which is the same regardless of the car type)

Which sites/pitches is this applicable to?

This is available at all Club owned sites except Wyatts Covert Club Campsite*. Any pitch that has an electric hook up bollard included can be used to charge an electric/hybrid car. Please note a number of sites (listed here) have specific EV charging points installed in the car park and these will be charged at the prevailing rate at the time.

*With the electrical metering trial at Wyatts Covert Club Campsite this will allow members to plug in via their outfit and pay directly for their whole outfit’s electricity consumption whilst using the pitch. Therefore the EV vehicle £9 charge will no longer be applicable here. With a successful trial, we'll then look at a larger scale roll out to other sites on the network.

What restrictions do you have when charging vehicles?

To ensure that you charge safely, we ask that you keep both habitation and car charging demand to a reasonable usage level and that you plug the car into a mains socket within your outfit using a mode 2 cable, not directly into the bollard.

What if I don't know how many times I want to charge my car during my stay?

That's ok, just come and let us know when you do know, or come and see us after you have charged if you prefer. The site's staff can take payment at any time when the reception is open.

How much will I need to pay to charge my car?

Hybrid cars - £2 per charge

Electric cars - £8 per charge

How quickly will my car charge?

This depends on the car however we expect a trickle charge of no more than 2.3kW.

Based upon 2.3kW the below table gives an approximate indication of time based on battery size.

2.3 kW Charge
    Full charge 80% charge
EV kWh (hrs) (hrs)
Typically hybrid vehicles
10 4.35 3.48
15 6.52 5.22
20 8.70 6.96
30 13.04 10.43
Typically full electric vehicles
40 17.39 13.91
50 21.74 17.39
60 26.09 20.87
70 30.43 24.35
80 34.78 27.83
90 39.13 31.30
100 43.48 34.78


I have an annual pass which I only bought a few weeks ago - how do I get a refund?

Anyone who has unused months (or part month) left on their Wi-Fi annual pass will be issued with a credit in the form of a campsite discount voucher. We have calculated the credit at £2.50 per month, as a gesture, we’ll also credit an additional month to every guest with an active pass.

So, even if you only have one day left, we will credit you £5 off your next campsite stay. Similarly, if you have just purchased a pass for the year, then you will receive £32.50 as a discount off your next campsite stay.

The voucher will be sent to the email address that you provided when you purchased your Wi-Fi pass.  All vouchers will be sent by middle of April.

How do I access the FREE Wi-Fi?

When you arrive at the campsite, you will be able to access FREE Wi-Fi (for basic browsing and emails only) after registering on the portal. The portal is only available when you are located in the hotspot area on a Club campsite offering Wi-Fi.

Where on the site will the hotspot be located?

The wireless hotspot will be located close to reception. Sharing a limited bandwidth with others may also vary the speed of service with some sites being a distance from the exchange. Our service is suitable for basic web surfing and emails but not updates or streaming e.g. BBC iPlayer and YouTube.

How good will the Wi-Fi hotspot service be?

You may experience some natural challenges to technology on-site such as storm damage, line failures or wildlife nibbling equipment. We therefore can’t guarantee that Wi-Fi will be available 100% of the time.

I sometimes need to check in on work when I’m away, this is really inconvenient - what are you going to do about this?

We welcome our members and guests to enjoy our campsites for leisure stays and holidays, our Wi-Fi service has never been provided to support working and this is not permitted from our campsites. Should you require Wi-Fi access for this purpose, please check where else a good service may be provided in the area you are visiting.

How will I know if a site has been upgraded?

You can keep updated on the progress of the Wi-Fi upgrades by checking our Wi-Fi webpage.

What differences will I experience following the upgrade?

When campites have been upgraded, all guests will be able to access a FREE Wi-Fi service for basic browsing and reading emails. Once the roll out has been completed, FREE Wi-Fi to the pitch will be available at 115 campsites. A further 32 campsites will offer the service but via a hotspot only.

For a faster service, you will have the option to upgrade to a premium package for a fee.

Will Wi-Fi be available at my pitch once the upgrade has been completed?

Wi-Fi to the pitch will be available at 115 campsites. Always check the Wi-Fi coverage heatmap available to view at the campsite reception. This will show any pitches where the Wi-Fi coverage is weaker to help you select pitches with the strongest service available for your needs.

13 campsites cannot offer a Club Wi-Fi service at the moment. For a full list of sites that have a Wi-Fi service available please click here

How much are you going to charge for the Club Premium Upgrade?

A range of package options are available as follows: Daily for £5, weekly for £15, monthly for £25 or annual for £35. WiFi webpage.

When will the full roll out be completed?

The full rollout is expected to be completed by early 2024.

How did you decide which sites to upgrade?

Campsites have been prioritised in order to improve sites with the highest volume of visitors as well as to fix sites that regularly struggle with poor Wi-Fi connectivity.

When you have made the upgrades, will ALL sites have access to Wi-Fi?

147 campsites that currently have Wi-Fi will be upgraded, with additional sites to be evaluated for installation of Wi-Fi after this. Please check out our Wi-Fi webpage for more detail.

How good will the new on pitch Wi-Fi be?

The FREE service is intended to provide access to basic web browsing and email providing up to 1mbps. The speed at which it runs is a factor of how many devices are connected at the same time.

Is there a time limit on the FREE Wi-Fi?

The FREE service will time out after an hour of continuous use. At that point, you can simply re-connect via the portal. Note that up to 5 devices can use Wi-Fi on the same email address at any one time.

Will there be a maximum number of devices that can be used on a premium upgrade option?

One device can be used at a time against 1 registered email address. While your premium package is valid, the registered email address can’t be used to access FREE Wi-Fi.

Are there any limits on the size of file I can download or send by email when the new Wi-Fi is installed?

For the FREE service, the constraints of the available bandwidth will naturally limit the size of the files you can exchange. Beyond that, no size limit will be implemented. For the paid service, the same applies, albeit with significantly more bandwidth available.

How much more bandwidth will I get when I purchase the premium option?

You will receive up to 100mb/s of unrestricted download/upload speeds.

I am a BT customer for my home broadband and Wi-Fi, does this mean I can get free access to the Wi-Fi on Club campsites?

Although BT WiFi are operating the service for the Club, it will not be part of their national network of hotspots. However, the free component of the Club service is available to all.

Will I be able to make bookings on the CAMC App or website using the current hotspots and eventually, the free Wi-FI service to our pitch?

Yes - the Club’s website and the App will work both on the hotspots and the free service to the pitch.

Why aren’t all sites going to be fully upgraded, and some left with hotspots only?

It isn’t possible to install fibre broadband at some sites, so these sites have insufficient bandwidth for site-wide Wi-Fi coverage. The topography, layout and tree coverage at some sites also means it’s uneconomical to install wireless access points around these sites, as the Wi-Fi signal is blocked.

Booking information

Can I book different pitch types throughout a stay?

Yes, however, if you have multiple pitch types booked within the duration of your stay, it may not be possible for you to remain on the same pitch for your entire stay. During busy periods you will potentially need to move to the pitch(es) you originally booked.

Can non-members book campsites online?

Yes, non-members can book selected Club campsites online. Non-members are required to pay an additional supplement of £15 per night to stay upon arrival at site. Tent pitches can also be booked online, there is no non-member supplement to be paid when booking a tent pitch.

How much does it cost to stay on a Caravan and Motorhome Club campsite?

Campsite prices vary by site and pitch type. Details can be found on each campsite details page. Non-members are required to pay an additional supplement of £15 per night to stay.

Can I book a CL or Affiliated campsite online?

CLs (Certificated Locations) and Affiliated sites can only be booked by contacting the campsite directly. Many Affiliated campsites have their own online booking system which you can access from their site details page on this website.

Can I get a refund on any unused campsite fees?

If you 'check-out' from a campsite before your departure date, an early departure fee may apply. Please see our early departure policy here. Campsite fee refunds can only be issued by a warden at the time of departure.

When do next year's pitches go on sale?

You can book pitches a year ahead all year round. The Club intends to put pitches on sale towards the beginning of every month for the following year. The easiest way for members to remember, is that whichever month they are currently in, the same month for the following year (and all months in between) will normally be on sale.

Will I be charged for amending or cancelling my UK booking?

Should one or more guests cancel and you notify us less than 21 full days prior to your arrival date, then since we incur costs in cancelling all or part of your booking, you will have to pay the cancellation charges. For more information please see our Booking terms and conditions.

What facilities are common on CLs?

All campsites will have drinking water, chemical emptying and dry rubbish disposal. Over 80% of our CLs have electric hook-up, over 900 have some hardstanding pitches and toilets and approximately 540 sites have showers.

When can I arrive/depart from a CL?

Arrange with the CL owner when you expect to arrive. If you are delayed on route, inform the campsite by phoning ahead to avoid losing your pitch or deposit. On arrival, present your membership card and the CL owner will show you where to pitch up. (A 3-metre radius around any part of your outfit needs to be followed for health and safety reasons.) You usually should leave by midday unless agreed otherwise with the CL owner.

Pricing and Supplements

How are energy costs affecting campsite prices?

The day to day cost of running the UK Club campsite network remains exceptionally high, due to global energy prices. As we’re sure you’re aware, the Club uses revenue generated from site fees to both partially offset operational costs, and to provide a surplus for reinvestment back into improving the network, for the benefit of members. During 2023 almost £16m will be invested in improving, developing and maintaining Club campsites - to ensure members continue to enjoy our large network of high quality campsites.

What changes are being made to Club campsite pricing and offers for 2023?

Like many other campsite and leisure organisations, the Club offers different prices during different times of the year depending on popularity. The Club is improving its current annual pricing process by introducing a more flexible approach to pricing in 2023, depending on popularity and time of booking.  

One of the Club's ambitions is to ensure there is a pitch at a price for every member. Many members love a ‘back to basics’ campsite whereas others prefer a full facility campsite with a shower block, play area and restaurant. However you enjoy your holiday, be it midweek in the summer or only ever at weekends in the winter, we have a massive variety of sites and pitches at different prices to suit every budget.

How does this affect members?

Members are now able to book a year ahead and take advantage of ‘early bird’ lower prices. As time progresses, the higher the popularity of a campsite and the closer to the time of arrival the booking is made, the higher the price may be.

Campsite prices will only increase by small amounts and may change a few times in the period between going on sale and the actual travel date itself.

How do I get the best price for my holiday?

Like many other campsite and leisure organisations the earlier you book the cheaper it is likely to be.

What about deposits?

The Club now requires a small deposit to be paid when a booking is made, however members can cancel up to 21 days before their holiday and receive a FULL refund.

How does flexible pricing benefit the members and the Club?

Members will benefit by being able to ‘getaway for less’ - by booking up to a year in advance to take advantage of ‘early bird’ lower prices. Additionally, the new system allows the Club to introduce great value offers and promotions to help members save money when staying with us on Club campsites.

Flexible pricing allows the Club to respond to changing circumstances - such as the recent severe increases in fuel and the cost of operating the campsite network. Any revenue surplus is reinvested back into improving the campsite network or purchasing new campsites - all for the benefit of the members.

In future years the Club's ambition is to set lower annual price increases.

Will flexible pricing affect existing bookings?


Will infants (under 5s), dogs and awnings continue to be FREE to members?


Do non-members pay the same price as members?

Non-members pay an additional £15 per night per pitch.

What about offers and promotions?

Throughout the year we will introduce great value promotional offers to help make staying with us even more affordable.  You will find the latest offers here camc.com/ukoffers

Are non-members able to book at the same time as members?

No. Members are able to book the ‘early bird’ pitch fees when inventory is released a whole month before non-members, who only have access 11 months in advance.

Once I have made my booking, will the price change?

No. The price will NOT change if you have confirmed your booking by paying a deposit or the full amount.


Do I have to be a member to stay on a UK campsite?

Non-members are welcome to book and stay at many of the Club campsites, however there are some that are member-exclusive. This information is available on each individual campsite webpage. Members may bring friends or family too, as long as they stay for the same duration. 

How long can you stay on a Club Campsite?

The maximum time guests are allowed to stay on most campsites is 28 consecutive nights, with a 2 night gap before guests can return to the same campsite.

However, there are some campsites with a maximum stay of 21 consecutive nights only, these are listed below:

South East: Abbey Wood, Alderstead Heath, Ashridge Farm, Brighton, Cambridge Cherry Hinton, Crystal Palace, Gatwick

Southern: Baltic Wharf, Black Knowl, Broadway, Haycraft, Henley Four Oaks, Tewkesbury Abbey, Warwick Racecourse

Scotland: Edinburgh, Melrose Gibson Park, River Breamish, Strathclyde Country Park

North of England: Knaresborough, Old Hartley, York Rowntree Park

South West: Cadeside, Exebridge Lakeside, Godrevy Park, Ramslade

East Anglia: Seacroft

Wales & West Midlands: Tredegar House Country Park, Wirral Country Park

Please note, on some campsites guests may be asked to vacate for longer periods in between stays. Please ask individual sites for clarification.

If you'd like to stay for longer, some campsites offer Seasonal Pitches where you can pay to leave your outfit for long periods of time and return as often as you like.

Can I bring my dog or cat to a Club campsite?

Household pets like dogs and cats are welcome at all of our Club campsites.

I'm unable to find a campsite on the website that is published in the Directory, why is that?

It’s likely that since the Directory was printed, the campsite has withdrawn from our network and so will not appear online. If you feel that there is still an error, please phone us on 01342 327 490.

What types of pitch are available?

Pitch surface, size and service options vary with each campsite. Details can be found on our pitch types page, including which sites have seasonal and storage pitches.

Are there any campsite rules or restrictions?

Yes, there are some Club campsite rules you need to be aware of before you stay which can be found in our useful information section.

Can I stay on Club campites with a tent?

Yes, more than 50 Club campsites welcome tent campers. Simply head to the campsite webpage you wish to stay at and book a tent pitch online. If availability shows full, there may still be availability, so please call the campsite directly. There is no non-member fee supplement to pay when staying in a tent.

Trailer Tents (a folding tent which packs into a trailer) are also welcome at all UK Club campsites.

Why is the login page not opening on connection to the Wi-Fi?

If the device is attempting to contact a https site, i.e. Google, Hotmail, then redirect to bbc.co.uk or sky.com, start your browser and attempt to connect to, for example, bbc.co.uk and you should be prompted to sign in.

Seasonal Pitches

What is a seasonal pitch?

A seasonal pitch is a pitch on one of our campsites which is rented out on a long term basis, for up to 7 months at a time. Pitches offered will be on either hard or grass surfaces depending on the campsite, and all have a bollard at the pitch to hook-up to your electric.

What are the minimum and maximum number of nights I can book for?

When you make a booking for a seasonal pitch, you are purchasing the whole period stipulated. Unfortunately we can't take part-duration bookings but we can take bookings for a pitch that becomes available after the start date of the seasonal pitch period. The fee will be prorated accordingly. The booking terms and conditions accompanying the booking form provide full details.

How long can I stay on a campsite?

You can stay for up to 21 days as per our usual Club campsite rules. Make sure there's a minimum of 48 hours before you come back for your next stay, as our pitches are for recreational purposes only.

Who can stay in my touring vehicle?

Your seasonal pitch fee covers you, another adult and any children up to the age of 17. If you'd like to invite more friends and family, you'll need to pay the fee per night for each extra adult.

Do I need to disconnect everything when I leave?

Yes, please make sure you've disconnected the electric hook-up and stored the cable safely away. For safety, make sure your awning is taken down and any aerials or groundsheets are also put away when you leave.

Do I have to pay for the whole season upfront?

Once you've filled out your booking form, you can pay using one of the following: Visa or Mastercard; a cheque made payable to the Caravan and Motorhome Club; one single payment made by direct debit; or four consecutive monthly direct debit instalments.

(Please see our terms and conditions for full details)

Storage facilities on Club campsites

Can I choose my storage pitch?

Depending upon occupancy levels in the storage compound, you may be given a selection of pitches to choose from. However, more often is the case that site staff will designate an appropriate space for the size of your outfit, particularly at storage sites that are close to full.

Many of our compounds have waiting lists and our teams on the ground work hard to maximise the space available so that we can fulfil the demand.

Do I have to remove gas or disconnect anything?

All gas supplies to the outfit must be isolated by turning the valve of all storage cylinders to the off position before entering the storage compound or storage area. This valve must be left off until the outfit has left the storage compound or storage area.

Can I stay in my vehicle at the storage site?

Whenever you wish to use the outfit for accommodation, you can transfer your vehicle from the storage compound/area to a pitch, subject to availability and payment of the normal touring pitch fees, paid directly to the Site Staff.

We recommend that you make a pitch booking in advance of your intention to stay overnight. You are responsible for transporting the outfit to and from your Storage Pitch.

Do you offer a towing service in and out of the compound?

With regard to storage and the towing of members’ outfits onto a pitch, The Club no longer offer this service as a rule due to possible damage that may be incurred and therefore liability falling on the Club.

Another reason why the Club cannot carry this service out is the issue of towing weights for caravans and if the tractor is plated to tow that weight, this has to be done by attaching the caravan to the tow ball and a number of sites will not have the correct weighted towing equipment.

This also applies to motorhomes, not only is it difficult to identify the total weight and attach to a suitable tow point, we do not have appropriate towing mechanisms or tractors that could pull these weights.

Do I have to pay for storage in full upfront?

Payment of the storage fees can be made in one of the four following ways:

  • In full by Visa or MasterCard
  • In full by cheque made payable to the Caravan and Motorhome Club
  • In full by one single payment by Direct Debit
  • By four consecutive equal monthly Direct Debit instalments

Payment will be required to cover the period from the agreed start date until the advertised end date of the pitch and we will not be able to accept deferred payments.

How can I access my outfit?

When the Site Network re-opens, the storage compound or storage area will be open from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm each day during the summer season (mid-March – October) and from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm each day during the winter season (November – mid-March). During the winter if the site itself is closed and you will need to arrange access to the storage compound or storage area with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice.

Will my insurance increase/decrease?

We cannot speak for individual insurances and would recommend that you get in contact with your outfit’s insurance provider to discuss potential storage arrangements as part of your decision making process.

Some insurances use a postcode risk factor and you may find your cost increases or decreases according to how much risk that insurer associates with the postcode area the site is in.

What happens if my touring vehicle gets damaged in storage?

You should always make sure that you have adequate insurance protection against events which could happen to your caravan at any time, this includes whilst in a storage compound e.g. flood, theft or damage.

If a third party were to damage your outfit whilst it is in the storage compound you may be able to recover the cost of any repair from the negligent third party provided adequate proof is available and they accept liability.

Fast check-in trial

Why are you automating access to Club campsites?

We are trialling technology on site so we can offer you the best and most efficient service, freeing up staff for other important jobs on site and speeding up the check-in process which benefits you the member but also shows the club as a good neighbour by reducing the impact on the local roads.

This is a trial and we do expect to discover scenarios we have not planned for and as such, the trial will be supported by our site team and we may adapt or change the process as required to ensure the campsite arrival experience is as efficient as possible.

Will all Club campsites be automated?

This is just an extension of the trial at Clachan Club Campsite which started in 2022. We are going to trial up to 4 more Club campsites at various times during 2023 to ensure we learn more on busier campsites with different layouts and wider ranging customers including storage, seasonal and Experience Freedom. Clachan Club Campsite is already twinned with Maragowan Club Campsite less than a mile away and was a great place to trial the initial technology and gave us some great learnings.

Depending on the success of the extended trial it may be rolled out to more Club campsites from 2024 onwards.

How will I know where to pitch?

Once you arrive at the barrier, our cameras will verify your registration, a welcome screen will remind you of the pitch type you have booked and you can proceed onto site. We will send you a link to the site plan by TEXT before arrival and we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the site plan before you arrive.

I don't have a vehicle registration on my booking - how do I add it?

Members who are booked to arrive at any of the trial Club campsites during the trial period will receive an SMS prior to arrival asking for confirmation of their vehicle registration. Please respond to this text to confirm or correct your registration.

My vehicle registration has changed, how do I update it?

Members who are booked to arrive at any of the trial Club campsites during the trial period will receive a text prior to arrival asking for confirmation of their vehicle registration. Please respond to the text you will receive and update your vehicle registration.

Will the Club campsite be secure?

The Club campsite will be just as secure as it is today with barriers restricting entry to paid members, and site staff will be on site or close by, with the entrance way covered by a camera.

What happens in an emergency?

Nothing has changed, staff still remain on site. All details are available at the information hut.

Can I arrive after 8pm?

There will be no arrivals to the Club campsite after 8pm. If you encounter a problem with your journey, please contact the Club campsite before 8pm.

Will staff still be on site?

Yes, staff will be on site.

Will staff no longer have a job?

This is a trial to assess improvements to member experience and will enable our staff to be more available on site and do other important jobs. This is not about cutting jobs, it's about making better use of staff time.

Do I need a barrier card?

No, barrier cards will not be required. The fast check-in system will give you access for the duration of your stay.

How do I tell you what pitch I am on?

Once your registration is acknowledged by the fast check-in system, and the barrier has opened to let you in, a TEXT will be sent to your mobile phone asking you to reply to the message with details of your chosen pitch number.

Once you have found your pitch, please respond to the TEXT message with your pitch number and we will complete your check-in. Please only provide your pitch number and no other information, this is an automated service. If you do not receive a TEXT and/or you don't have any phone signal, please either let the staff on site know or visit reception to provide them with the details.

What happens if I arrive without a booking?

We encourage everyone to book in advance. However if you arrive on site without an existing booking or have made an on the day booking, during office hours please pop into reception. The fast check-in system does not currently integrate with bookings made on the day of arrival. So if you arrive late you risk not being able to enter the Club campsite.

What happens if I want to leave early?

You can leave whenever but please make sure to inform our Club campsite staff on the time of your departure.

What is Visitor.Express?

Vistor.Express is a product from NetFM who have partnered with us for this trial. They provide the technology that enables the fast check-in process to work efficiently based on accurate data.

I am bringing a second car, what do I need to do?

Pop into reception and let the team know, this can be added to your booking for the duration of your stay once you have paid the charge for a second car.

How do I contact the Club campsite?

You can call the Club campsite team during office hours 9am - 5pm.

Where do I find out more about each campsite?

You can find out more about the Fast check-in trial and participating campsites here.

Escorted UK Tours

What is a tour?

A tour is a group holiday balancing free time with a set, pre-organised itinerary of excursions and visits to places of interest, local attractions, and events or concerts.

What is an escorted tour?

An Escorted tour is led by a Tour Host couple who will be there to provide support and assistance from when they greet you at the first campsite to when you say goodbye at the end of the tour. The Tour Hosts are there to ensure the smooth running of the tours, acting as liaison between members, campsite and excursion/transport providers. They are on hand if any issues arise, there for extra support if needed and they are there to meet and greet the tour group and make sure everyone is aware of all the timings and arrangements.

What does the tour include?

Tours include your pitch for the duration of the tour itself, all excursions as stated in the itinerary, private coach or minibus transport for all organised excursions included in the itinerary, some meals as stated in the itinerary, services of the Tour Hosts and entrance fees/tickets for any attractions/events as per the itinerary.

Do I need to book a pitch separately for the tour?

No, the pitch is included in the overall tour price. It is therefore not necessary to book a pitch separately for the tour. However, if you wish to extend your stay after the tour, or book a few nights prior to the start of the tour, you will need to book these separately in the normal way.

Can I bring my dog on the tour?

Although dogs are welcome at all UK Club campsites, the tour excursions/schedules are not suitable for dogs. This could be due to long excursion days or the transport or locations you’ll be visiting not allowing dogs.

Are children welcome on the tour?

Children are of course welcome on our tours and, in most cases, we can advise you of the child price on request. However, most of the tours run outside of the school holidays and therefore have not been designed with children in mind so please consider the suitability of the itinerary especially for younger children.

Do I need to participate in all the excursions?

The excursions mentioned in the itinerary are all included in your tour price, however if you do not wish to participate please just let your Tour Host know in advance of the excursion.

Are meals included in the tour?

Some meals are included and these will be outlined in the itinerary for each tour. Otherwise all other meals are left for you to choose what you want to do at your own expense.

Is transport provided for the excursions?

Yes, transport is arranged for all of the excursions that are included in the tour itinerary. All you need to do is get yourself to the campsite in time for the start of the tour but once settled onto your pitch, you will not need to use your outfit for any of the arranged excursions.

Is transport provided on free days?

Transport is not provided on free days as you can spend these days however you wish. If you would like to go off site to explore you will need to use your own transport or take public transport.

How do I book a tour?

If you would like to book one of our tours, please call our European & UK Tours team on 01342 488711 and our team will be happy to answer your questions and book your tour for you.

Can I book a tour from the website?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to book tours online at the moment.

Do we pay in advance?

A non-refundable deposit of £150 is payable at the time of booking, and the balance will be due 10 weeks before the tour begins. You can pay over the phone by debit or credit card. 

Please remember, the campsite fee is included in the overall tour price, so you do not need to pay when you arrive at the campsite. The only time you would need to pay at the campsite is if you have booked any extra nights at the site before or after the tour.

Are there any cancellation fees?

Cancellation fees for tours are detailed in our booking terms. Please click on the following link for more information and the select the option for UK Tours: www.caravanclub.co.uk/bookingterms

Will I get a booking confirmation?

A confirmation of your booking will be sent to you either by email or by post. When you receive your confirmation, please check it carefully and contact us if there are any details that are incorrect.

Will I receive any more information about the tour before I travel?

Yes, we will send you a tour pack with information about your holiday approximately 2-4 weeks before the tour begins. If you are planning to leave home much before this time, please let us know so we can endeavour to get your pack to you in time.

This pack will include information about the campsite(s), your itinerary, local area, your tour hosts and any other details you might need for your tour.

What should I wear to watch the Royal Edinburgh Tattoo or Kynren shows?

The Tattoo & Kynren shows are outdoor events and the weather can be unpredictable, even in August, so be sure to check the weather forecast on the day and pack a raincoat and in case you need it. Please note that umbrella’s are not permitted.

Both shows take place in the evening so we recommend taking layers of clothing with you in case it cools down as the evening progresses.

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