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Can non-members book sites online?

Yes, non-members can book selected sites as of January.Tent pitches can also be booked online. 

How much does it cost to stay on a Caravan and Motorhome Club site?

Site prices vary per site and pitch type. Details can be found on each site page. Non-members will pay an additional £12 per night.

Can I book a CL or Affiliated site online?

CLs (Certificated Locations) and Affiliated sites can only be booked by contacting the site directly.

Can I swap my booking at the last minute and stay at another site?

Yes, you can cancel your stay at one site to then book another site during the same period. The system won’t charge you for late cancellation.

Can I get a refund on any unused site fees?

If you 'check-out' from a site before your departure date, an early departure fee may apply. Site fee refunds can only be issued by a warden at the time of departure.

When do next year's pitches go on sale?

Every December we release next year's prices (March to December). We also release open all year and extended sites prices (January to March) every autumn.

Will I be charged for amending or cancelling my booking?

You will not be charged a fee for amending or cancelling a booking. There is however a 72 hour late cancellation policy which may be applied in some cases.


Do I have to be a member to stay on a UK site?

Over 200 Club sites are open to non-members, although some are reserved solely for members. Members may bring friends or family too, as long as they stay for the same duration.

Can I bring my dog or cat to a Club Site?

Household pets like dogs and cats are welcome at all of our sites.

I'm unable to find a site on the website that is published in the Directory, why is that?

It’s likely that since the Directory was printed, the site has withdrawn from our network and so will not appear online. If you feel that there is still an error, please phone us on 01342 327 490.

What types of pitch are available?

Pitch surface, size and service options vary with each site. Details can be found on our pitch types page, including which sites have seasonal and storage pitches.

Are there any site rules or restrictions?

Yes, there are some Club site rules you need to be aware of before you stay which can be found in our useful information section.

Can I stay on Club Sites with a tent?

Yes, selected Club Sites welcome members and non-member tent campers. Trailer Tents (a folding tent which packs into a trailer) are welcome at all UK Club sites.

Does the Club offer long-stay rates on their UK sites?

No, the maximum time you can spend on a Caravan Club site is 14 to 21 nights. However, some sites offer seasonal pitches where you can leave your caravan for long periods of time and return as often as you like.

Are pets allowed in camping pods?

No, camping pods are pet-free.

Is Wi-Fi available on all Club Sites?

No, there are currently 112 sites on our network that have Wi-Fi.

Are there any data limits on what I can download using The Club's Wi-Fi?

We do not impose any hard data limits however due to the bandwidth available at some of our sites this may naturally prevent you from downloading data-hungry programmes.

Can I use more than one device when using Wi-Fi?

Caravan Club members can only use one device at anytime.  The user must log off first to then use a different device.

Why is the log in page not opening on connection to the Wi-Fi?

If the device is attempting to contact a https site, i.e. Google, Hotmail, then redirect to bbc.co.uk or sky.com, start your browser and attempt to connect to, for example, bbc.co.uk and you should be prompted to sign in.

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