Booking information

Can non-members book sites online?

Yes, non-members can book selected Club sites as of January.Tent pitches can also be booked online. 

How much does it cost to stay on a Caravan and Motorhome Club site?

Site prices vary per site and pitch type. Details can be found on each site page.

Can I book a CL or Affiliated site online?

CLs (Certificated Locations) and Affiliated sites can only be booked by contacting the site directly.

Can I swap my booking at the last minute and stay at another site?

Yes, you can cancel your stay at one site to then book another site during the same period. The system won’t charge you for late cancellation.

Can I get a refund on any unused site fees?

If you 'check-out' from a site before your departure date, an early departure fee may apply. Site fee refunds can only be issued by a warden at the time of departure.

When do next year's pitches go on sale?

You can book pitches a year ahead all year round. The Club intends to put pitches on sale towards the beginning of every month. The easiest way for members to remember, is that whichever month they are currently in, the same month for the following year (and all months in between) will normally be on sale.

Will I be charged for amending or cancelling my UK booking?

You will not be charged a fee for amending or cancelling a UK booking. There is however a 72 hour late cancellation policy which may be applied in some cases.

What facilities are common on CLs?

All sites will have drinking water, chemical emptying and dry rubbish disposal. Over 80% of our CLs have electric hook-up, over 900 have some hardstanding pitches and toilets and approximately 540 sites have showers.

When can I arrive/depart from a CL?

Arrange with the CL owner when you expect to arrive. If you are delayed on route, inform the site by phoning ahead to avoid losing your pitch or deposit.  On arrival, present your membership card and the CL owner will show you where to pitch up. (A 3-metre radius around any part of your outfit needs to be followed for health and safety reasons.) You usually should leave by midday unless agreed otherwise with the CL owner.

Sites price increase 2020

What’s changing?

From 12 November 2019 prices for stays at UK Club Sites during 2020 will increase slightly. 

Why are prices changing slightly?

We make every effort to predict costs accurately, however during 2019 it has become apparent that the operating costs for 2020 are now expected to be higher than originally forecast. 

Therefore to cover the rising price of utilities and the day to day costs of running a network of 160 UK Club sites, we are required to apply a small increase to the current 2020 prices.

What are the additional rises in costs?

The largest contributing rises in costs are energy and utility costs, site repairs and maintenance, and The National Living Wage.

Can’t the Club just absorb the additional rises in costs?

As a membership organisation, any surplus we make is reinvested back into the Club - for the benefit of all members. The small price rise is needed to ensure Club sites generates sufficient revenue for reinvestment - to maintain and improve the network in order to provide the high standard members expect.

In 2020 the Club are planning to invest up to £9m on redeveloping sites, examples of which include Penrhos Club Site in Anglesey, Battle Normanhurst Court in Hastings and River Breamish Club Site in Alnwick. In addition to this, a further programme of work will be undertaken across numerous sites costing in the region of £1.5m to keep the network in great condition ready for 2020 arrivals.

What will happen to the prices of bookings made already?

If a booking is completely within peak season, there will not be any price increase.

If a booking starts in off-peak and continues into peak season, we will honour the original price paid for all dates during the members stay.

However, due to system restrictions, the limited number of bookings which start in peak season and continue into other off-peak seasons will be charged at the new 2020 prices for all dates of the stay.

What happens if I need to amend my booking after the price increase?

If you change your original dates booked after 11 November 2019 you will be charged the new 2020 prices.

What happens if I cancel my booking and make a new booking?

If you cancel a booking for 2020 made prior to 12 November 2019 and make a new booking you will be charged the new 2020 prices.

Are all UK Club site prices being increased for 2020?

Prices at the following sites are not being increased: 

  • Cadeside

  • Chapel Lane

  • Gowerton

  • Kendal

  • Malvern Hills

  • Nunnykirk

Will there be a price guide for 2020?

Yes, there will be a 2020 price guide available by the new year. From 12 November 2020 prices will be on each site details page on the website.

Why have you emailed me about this?

As this is an important change for our UK Club site prices, we felt it necessary to let all members know. Please do not worry, your marketing email permissions have not been changed.


Do I have to be a member to stay on a UK site?

Over 200 Club sites are open to non-members, although some are reserved solely for members. Members may bring friends or family too, as long as they stay for the same duration. 

Can I bring my dog or cat to a Club Site?

Household pets like dogs and cats are welcome at all of our sites.

I'm unable to find a site on the website that is published in the Directory, why is that?

It’s likely that since the Directory was printed, the site has withdrawn from our network and so will not appear online. If you feel that there is still an error, please phone us on 01342 327 490.

What types of pitch are available?

Pitch surface, size and service options vary with each site. Details can be found on our pitch types page, including which sites have seasonal and storage pitches.

Are there any site rules or restrictions?

Yes, there are some Club site rules you need to be aware of before you stay which can be found in our useful information section.

Can I stay on Club Sites with a tent?

Yes, selected Club Sites welcome members and non-member tent campers. Trailer Tents (a folding tent which packs into a trailer) are welcome at all UK Club sites.

Does the Club offer long-stay rates on their UK sites?

No, the maximum time you can spend on a Caravan Club site is 14 to 21 nights. However, some sites offer seasonal pitches where you can leave your caravan for long periods of time and return as often as you like.

Are pets allowed in camping pods?

No, camping pods are pet-free.

Is Wi-Fi available on all Club Sites?

There are currently 149 sites on our network that have Wi-Fi.

Are there any data limits on what I can download using the Club's Wi-Fi?

We do not impose any hard data limits however due to the bandwidth available at some of our sites this may naturally prevent you from downloading data-hungry programmes.

Can I use more than one device when using Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi codes can only be used on one device at a time. When you log on to the Wi-Fi Welcome Back screen, using a different device with a Wi-Fi code already in use, you will be prompted and asked if you would like to take over the code. The original users device will then be disconnected.

Why is the log in page not opening on connection to the Wi-Fi?

If the device is attempting to contact a https site, i.e. Google, Hotmail, then redirect to bbc.co.uk or sky.com, start your browser and attempt to connect to, for example, bbc.co.uk and you should be prompted to sign in.

Seasonal Pitches

What is a seasonal pitch?

A Seasonal Pitch is a pitch on one of our sites which is rented out on a long term basis, for up to 7 months at a time. Pitches offered will be on either hard or grass surfaces depending on the site, and all have a bollard at the pitch to hook-up your electric.

What are the minimum and maximum number of nights I can book for?

When you make a booking for a seasonal pitch, you are purchasing the whole period stipulated. Unfortunately we can't take part duration bookings but we can take bookings for a pitch that becomes available after the start date of the seasonal pitch period. The fee will be prorated accordingly. The booking terms and conditions accompanying the booking form provide full details.

How long can I stay on site?

You can stay for up to 21 days per stay as per our usual Club site rules. Make sure there's a minimum of 48 hours before you come back for your next stay, as our pitches are for recreational purposes only.

Who can stay in my touring vehicle?

Your seasonal pitch fee covers you, another adult and any children up to the age of 17. If you'd like to invite more friends and family, you'll need to pay the fee per night for each extra adult.

Do I need to disconnect everything when I leave?

Yes, please make sure you've disconnected the electric hook-up and stored the cable safely away. For safety, make sure your awning is taken down and any aerials or groundsheets are also put away when you leave.

Do I have to pay for the whole season upfront?

Once you've filled out your booking form, you can pay using on of the following: Visa or Mastercard; a cheque made payable to the Caravan and Motorhome Club; one single payment made by direct debit; or four consecutive monthly direct debit instalments.

(Please see our terms and conditions for full details)

Storage facilities on Club Sites

Can I choose my Storage Pitch?

Depending upon occupancy levels in the storage compound, you may be given a selection of pitches to choose from. However, more often is the case that site staff will designate an appropriate space for the size of your outfit, particularly at storage sites that are close to full.

Many of our compounds have waiting lists and our teams on the ground work hard to maximise the space available so that we can fulfil the demand.

Do I have to remove gas or disconnect anything?

All gas supplies to the outfit must be isolated by turning the valve of all storage cylinders to the off position before entering the storage compound or storage area. This valve must be left off until the outfit has left the storage compound or storage area.

Can I stay in my vehicle at the storage site?

Whenever you wish to use the outfit for accommodation, you can transfer your vehicle from the storage compound/area to a pitch, subject to availability and payment of the normal touring pitch fees, paid directly to the Site Staff.

We recommend that you make a pitch booking in advance of your intention to stay overnight. You are responsible for transporting the outfit to and from your Storage Pitch.

Do you offer a towing service in and out of the compound?

With regard to storage and the towing of members’ outfits onto a pitch, The Club no longer offer this service as a rule due to possible damage that may be incurred and therefore liability falling on the Club.

Another reason why the Club cannot carry this service out is the issue of towing weights for caravans and if the tractor is plated to tow that weight, this has to be done by attaching the caravan to the tow ball and a number of sites will not have the correct weighted towing equipment.

This also applies to motorhomes, not only is it difficult to identify the total weight and attach to a suitable tow point, we do not have appropriate towing mechanisms or tractors that could pull these weights.

Do I have to pay in full upfront?

Payment of the Storage Fees can be made in one of the four following ways:

  • In full by Visa or MasterCard
  • In full by cheque made payable to the Caravan and Motorhome Club
  • In full by one single payment by Direct Debit
  • By four consecutive equal monthly Direct Debit instalments

Payment will be required to cover the period from the agreed start date until the advertised end date of the pitch and we will not be able to accept deferred payments.

How can I access my outfit?

When the Site Network re-opens, the storage compound or storage area will be open from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm each day during the summer season (mid-March – October) and from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm each day during the winter season (November – mid-March). During the winter if the site itself is closed and you will need to arrange access to the storage compound or storage area with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice.

*Please note that at Cayton Village Club Site, access to your outfit is not possible at any point whilst in storage during the winter. The compound is locked up at the beginning of November and then outfits are released again at the beginning of March, 2 weeks before the site is due to open. The site is staffed throughout the winter to ensure the security of the vehicles on site.

Will my insurance increase/decrease?

We cannot speak for individual insurances and would recommend that you get in contact with your outfit’s insurance provider to discuss potential storage arrangements as part of your decision making process.

Some insurances use a postcode risk factor and you may find your cost increases or decreases according to how much risk that insurer associates with the postcode area the site is in.

What happens if my touring vehicle gets damaged in storage?

You should always make sure that you have adequate insurance protection against events which could happen to your caravan at any time, this includes whilst in a storage compound e.g. flood, theft or damage.

If a third party were to damage your outfit whilst it is in the storage compound you may be able to recover the cost of any repair from the negligent third party provided adequate proof is available and they accept liability.

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