Our FREE Wi-Fi service

Our FREE Wi-Fi service

Wi-Fi upgrades continue to roll out across our Club campsites

Improving Wi-Fi access at our UK Club campsites

We're currently upgrading our Wi-Fi service across our Club campsite network with a plan to complete all upgrades by the end of 2023. When the campsites have been upgraded, we'll be offering FREE Wi-Fi to pitch at 115 campsites where you can check emails, post to social media, and search and browse the internet. You will also have the option to upgrade to our Premium Wi-Fi service at 135 campsites (includes campsites offering Premium hotspots) which will enable you to download and upload large files, stream music and watch videos. Whether you opt for our FREE Wi-Fi or decide to upgrade to Premium, we're here to ensure you stay connected effortlessly. 

Campsites not yet upgraded have FREE Wi-Fi hotspots available close to reception areas.

Campsites providing FREE Wi-Fi to the pitch

Campsites providing FREE Hotspot Wi-Fi

  FREE Wi-Fi Premium Wi-Fi
Price FREE Daily £5, Weekly £15, Monthly £25, Annual £35.
 Active accounts can be used at any site where Premium Wi-Fi is available
Time limit 1 hour (then simple 'click here' reconnect)  No re-connection required whilst in use,
but will be logged out after 1 hour of inactivity.
Sign in to reconnect.
Download/upload speeds Up to 1mbps Up to 100mbps (unrestricted)
Check emails, post to social media, basic browsing
Cloud/Auto Updates
Streaming and gaming
Download/upload large files
Number of devices registered at one time Up to 5 devices can be used
against 1 registered email address at the same time
1 device can be used at a time against 1 registered email address.
Switching between devices is possible.
While your premium package is valid,
the registered email address cant be used to access FREE Wi-Fi.
Blocked websites Gambling sites, sites containing adult content

There are 5 campsites on our network that do not offer Club FREE Wi-Fi, these are: Cheltenham Racecourse, Exeter Racecourse, Nunnykirk, Thirsk Racecourse and Warwick Racecourse.

While the upgrade is ongoing, there may be some service issues at some campsites such as bandwidth limitations and connection drop outs. BT is aware of these issues and is scheduling to return to campsites affected.

Need help with logging in? Visit our Wi-Fi support page or download our Quick Access Guide

Will there be a maximum number of devices that can be used on a premium upgrade option?

One device can be used at a time against 1 registered email address. While your premium package is valid, the registered email address can’t be used to access FREE Wi-Fi.

Is there a time limit on the FREE Wi-Fi?

The FREE service will time out after an hour of continuous use. At that point, you can simply re-connect via the portal. Note that up to 5 devices can use Wi-Fi on the same email address at any one time.

When will the full roll out be completed?

The full rollout is expected to be completed by early 2024.

How do I access the FREE Wi-Fi?

When you arrive at the campsite, you will be able to access FREE Wi-Fi (for basic browsing and emails only) after registering on the portal. The portal is only available when you are located in the hotspot area on a Club campsite offering Wi-Fi.

What differences will I experience following the upgrade?

When campites have been upgraded, all guests will be able to access a FREE Wi-Fi service for basic browsing and reading emails. Once the roll out has been completed, FREE Wi-Fi to the pitch will be available at 115 campsites. A further 32 campsites will offer the service but via a hotspot only.

For a faster service, you will have the option to upgrade to a premium package for a fee.

How good will the new on pitch Wi-Fi be?

The FREE service is intended to provide access to basic web browsing and email providing up to 1mbps. The speed at which it runs is a factor of how many devices are connected at the same time.

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