Sainsbury's Everyday Shopping Card

Sainsbury's Everyday Shopping Card and groceries

Save 4% everytime you reload your Sainsbury's Everyday Shopping Card

It is a simple idea which means offering you great value, quality food and 1000s of products, in over 1300 stores nationwide.

Every time you load funds with us on to your Everyday Shopping Card (min £50), we will give you a 4% discount on your order. 

For example, load £100 onto your Sainsbury’s Everyday Shopping Card and it will cost you just £96.
Once topped up it can be used instore for food, wine, homewares, fashion, electricals, entertainment, gifts and treats. By topping up your card you can stock up on everyday essentials for your next trip and make savings on your shopping throughout the year.

Providing you top up your card by 1pm, your money will be on your card and ready to spend by 9am the next morning (Monday to Friday).

There is a small charge of £1.99 to cover the cost of the card and £2.50 for postage and packing, but these costs can easily be recouped by the savings achieved on your first couple of shops.

Please note, you must always follow the link through the Caravan and Motorhome Club member offers page whilst logged in as a member to register and top up your card. Additionally, the Sainsbury’s Everyday Shopping Card website will not work on the Safari browser.  Sainsbury’s recommend using Google Chrome web browser instead of Safari, this will work for Apple laptops, tablets and iphones. For assistance please call 0191 250 4193.

Terms and conditions

  • This offer is only available to Caravan and Motorhome Club members.
  • The minimum order for the Sainsbury’s Everyday Shopping Card is £50, the maximum order is £1000.
  • A 4% discount is applied each time you top up the Shopping Card. Payment can only be made by debit card.
  • The Sainsbury’s Everyday Shopping Card cannot be used in Sainsbury’s Petrol Stations and pharmacy.
  • The Caravan and Motorhome Club is not responsible for lost/stolen Sainsbury’s Everyday Shopping Cards. To replace the card you will be charged £1.99 to cover the cost of the card and £2.50 for postage and packing.

  • To block a lost/stolen card please call 0800 63 62 62, option 3 then option 4 with the serial number of the lost/stolen card.

  • Any unspent funds from the lost/stolen card can be transferred to the replacement card when you contact Sainsbury’s directly on 0800 63 62 62, option 3 then option 4.

  • For general terms and condition, please go to:

  • The Sainsbury's Everyday Shopping Card has a two year rolling expiry date. To keep extending the expiry date simply use your card instore or ask for a balance enquiry from customer services.

    Live well for less every day with your reloadable Sainsbury's Everyday Shopping Card.

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