Coupling your car and caravan

caravan owner hitching a caravan to a car

Coupling a caravan to a car is quite simple and if you follow our simple procedure, you’ll get it right every time! However, if you feel like you need a little more instruction, our practical caravan training course is a great place to start for beginners.

Always work carefully, safely and methodically. Use the same routine every time you hitch up. Always double check and do not rush.

Before starting the manoeuvre, make sure that both the caravan and the towcar are under control with the car handbrake applied and the caravan hitch brake on.

Always read the manufacturer’s instructions before coupling for the first time and if in doubt ask your dealer.

The driver should always check that coupling has been completed successfully.

Our 10-point checklist

1. Is the hitch fully down over the tow ball?

2. Is the hitch head lever fully closed (down)?

3. Are the visual indicators (if fitted) showing the right colour?

4. Wind down the jockey wheel until it raises the back of the car by 25-50mm to confirm that a secure coupling has been achieved.

5. Is the breakaway cable correctly attached, passing through the cable guide, loose but not dragging, and will not snag on full lock?

6. If fitted, is the stabiliser correctly attached, with the stabilising mechanism engaged and any visual indicator showing correct operation?

7. Is the jockey wheel fully retracted and stowed away securely?

8. Are the electrics correctly attached and free from dragging or snagging on full lock?

9. Are all the lights working?

10. Carry out a final check on the hitch

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