Freshwater tips whilst touring

Managing your water consumption is an essential part of any caravanning experience. Spending a few days in a caravan offers a surprising insight into just how much water we humans get through in a typical day – a minimum of 23 litres.

And unless you are lucky enough to have a fresh water supply direct to your pitch, that means carrying at least 23kg from tap to caravan per person per day.

The easiest way of carrying water, is in a rolling barrel water carrier such as an Aquaroll or Water Porter. A short length of food-grade filler hose with rubber nozzles that fit over the tap is handy for directing the water cleanly from the tap into the water carrier.

Virtually all new caravans use 12-volt water pumps and whichever unit is used, it’s important to dunk the pump in the water supply and shake it about under water before plugging the inlet in, to eliminate air locks.

Dos and don'ts

  • Do be scrupulous about hygiene at the water point
  • Do not let children play round the taps
  • Do make a habit of switching the pump off when away from the caravan
  • Do not injure your back carrying heavy containers
  • Do not waste water


The Club does not endorse the listed products and you should satisfy yourself as to their suitability. Always, check that the installation of an after-market accessory does not invalidate your warranty.

With thanks to John Wickersham. John’s books, The Caravan Handbook, The Caravan Manual and The Motorcaravan Manual (Haynes Publishing) are available from bookshops.

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