Caravan Cover

Why should I get caravan cover?

Simply put, for peace of mind! Much like home insurance, caravan cover isn’t a legal requirement. Even if you have car insurance (which is required by law), if you choose not to take out caravan cover, the financial loss you could suffer if you’re involved in an accident could be huge. You won’t be covered for the damages incurred to the caravan, only the car, unless you have caravan cover, which would mean paying to fix or replace your caravan. Even what appears small damage can be a significant cost as often small damage requires whole panels to be replaced.

Also, although your car insurer should cover any liability that falls on you while the caravan is attached to the towing vehicle, once detached any damage to property or injury to a person as a result of your ownership and/or use of the caravan would be your responsibility. While these types of claim are rare they have the potential to be incredibly costly, which is why we protect our members by providing liability cover up to £5m.

On top of the risk of damage from an accident and liability claims, damage could also be incurred as a result of natural hazards like hail and flooding, an attempted break in, fire, and there's also the risk of your van being stolen. Caravan cover would give you protection and peace of mind.

What's the difference between Caravan Cover from the Caravan and Motorhome Club and caravan insurance?

As we are a membership organisation, and caravan cover is not a legal requirement, we have been able to establish a product just for our members where all aspects of cover are dealt with by the Club.

For example, if you make a claim you would be dealing with the Club rather than a third party organisation.

We provide Caravan Cover on a discretionary basis which means our Board has full discretion over whether to agree to pay claims and the amounts to be paid. They may also agree to pay claims outside the terms and conditions of the cover if they feel the circumstances justify it. It is not a contract of insurance.

If the Cover is discretionary, how am I protected?

To ensure our members have peace of mind when buying our Caravan Cover, we’ve taken out a Group insurance policy in the Caravan and Motorhome Club’s name to provide additional protection for members. The Group policy is the second layer of protection that members are able to claim under in the unlikely event the Club does not pay a claim or does not pay in full, as long as it’s covered under the terms and conditions of the Group insurance policy, which mirrors the Caravan Cover. (A copy of the Group insurance policy is available on request.)

Do you cover trailer tents and folding campers?

Yes, our Caravan Cover includes trailer tents and folding campers. You can check out the main benefits here or go straight to a quote.

I plan to store my caravan at home, is this OK for Caravan Cover?


As long as the caravan is stored in the UK and you have met the minimum security requirements as detailed in the Cover Wording, there are no restrictions regarding caravan storage.

I store my caravan abroad; can I cover it with the Club?

If you live in the UK and store your caravan abroad, we are currently unable to provide cover.

However, your caravan can be taken abroad for a holiday for a maximum 182 days. If you want to stay abroad for more than 182 days in any period of cover please give us a call, as this might be possible depending on the circumstances.

Are there any restrictions in the Group insurance policy?

The Group insurance policy taken out by the Club reflects the Caravan Cover provided to members - we feel it’s important that the cover is mirrored to ensure members have the right protection. However, to provide that protection there are some scenarios the insurer of the Group policy is not happy to include - these are generally risks that are very unlikely to occur but the insurer considers could be huge if they were to materialise. Where these apply they are duplicated in the caravan cover document, so members are aware of them.

Can I get Caravan Cover for my folding camper?

Yes. Our Caravan Cover can cover folding campers and trailer tents as well as touring caravans

How much should I cover my caravan, equipment and contents for?

The sum you choose to cover for your caravan, equipment and contents is entirely up to you, however we suggest you select an amount that reflects the potential value of your caravan and all the items in it, should the caravan and/or items be lost, stolen or destroyed completely, in a worst case scenario.

What security devices do I need to fit to my caravan?

The security condition requires that at least one security device is fitted when the caravan is not in use and unhitched from the towing vehicle. If you do not secure the caravan, we may decline to pay a theft claim.

Full details of acceptable security devices can be found in the Cover Wording document and in the online quote journey.

Caravan and equipment sums covered

Our Super Cover automatically covers vans on a new for old basis up to 15 years. Standard cover provides new for old cover up to 5 years old. In both cases this will only apply if the sums covered when the cover taken out at new business or renewal was the accurate new for old replacement value. Otherwise the maximum pay out will be the sums covered limit. 

The cost of equipment is any non-standard fixtures, fittings or accessory added after manufacture e.g awnings full or porch, motor movers, Aquaroll, wastemaster, caravan covers, batteries, gas bottles, generators, refrigerators, security devices, stabilisers.

When will my caravan be covered?

Your caravan is covered all the time including when it’s in storage, on your drive, on the road or on site. You'll be covered against accidental damage or loss from theft,  vandalism, storm, and flood. Please read the relevant cover booklet on our cover documents page for full details.

Where can I find the Chassis, CRiS, or VIN number on my caravan?

The CRiS or VIN number for all caravans registered after 1992 is a 17 digit alphanumeric which is stamped on a plate on the chassis and also etched on the window of the caravan.

Who can use my caravan if I take out the Club's Caravan Cover?

Your friends and family can use your caravan as long as you have not let it for hire or reward. Cover includes your equipment and contents but it does not cover their personal items.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

When you join the Caravan and Motorhome Club, you’ll not only receive great discounts and savings on your holidays, you’ll also be eligible for our members-only Caravan Cover. The cover we provide protects you financially and gives you peace of mind if the worst does happen. We have designed our cover around our members and their concerns.

What products, services and insurances does the Club have?

Members have access to exclusive Cover and Insurance products, designed with touring and our members in mind. Not yet a member? You're very welcome to get a quote on any of our products before joining the Club to ensure it’s the best option to suit your needs. This is a lot of the other products we offer.

Explore some of the other excellent benefits that come with being a member.

My cover

I have an excess on my Caravan Cover/insurance policy, what does this mean?

In the event of a claim, the excess is the contribution you must make towards the cost of your claim.

Can I download or print a summary of my documents?

You can view and download your Caravan Cover documents and the policy documents for Red Pennant Overseas Holiday Insurance from the My Profile Area on the Club website.

MAYDAY UK Breakdown policy wording can be viewed and downloaded while you’re getting your quote.

Motorhome, Campervan, Car and Home Insurance policy documents are accessible after you have obtained a quote.

Full documentation will be sent to you by email or by post, once you have bought the cover. 

If you have misplaced your documents, please call so we can arrange a copy to be sent to you:

MAYDAY UK Breakdown Cover: 0800 051 5318

Motorhome, Campervan, Car or Home insurance: 0345 308 8643

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