Travelling in New Zealand

Do I need a driving licence?

Be sure to pack your current driving licence if you wish to hire a vehicle (if this is not in English, then an authenticated translation should be taken too). If in doubt, please ask us for advice.

What is the time difference in New Zealand?

New Zealand standard time is GMT+12, though in summer Daylight Saving means clocks go forward 1 hour to GMT+13

Do I need a visa to travel to New Zealand?

All visitors to New Zealand including UK Citizens must have an NZeTA in order to travel to New Zealand. Please visit www.immigration.govt.nz to apply for your visa today or to find out more information on the application process and eligibility requirements.

It is important to be aware that requesting an NZeTA is a mandatory process for anyone visiting New Zealand and includes those transiting via New Zealand, even if it is not their final destination.

Are the driving laws different in New Zealand?

It is worth familiarising yourself with New Zealand driving laws. Most are similar to the UK with seat belts compulsory at all times, no drink driving, no use of mobile phones while driving etc.

But there are instances where you could be caught out. For example some bridges in more remote, less populated areas, are single lane so you need to pay attention to who has right of way. Some of these bridges are even shared with a railway line.

Though generally straightforward, a little homework will pay dividends. The New Zealand AA website offers a Visiting Driver Training Programme - a simple tool with video and multiple choice questions for overseas visitors.

What are the speed limits in New Zealand?

In urban areas the speed limit is 50 km/h or 30mph. The rural speed limit is 60mph or 100 km/h.

Please note: for 6 Berth Britz Campervans this speed limit is reduced to 55 mph or 90km/h.

Are there toll roads in New Zealand?

Yes, but very few. New Zealand’s toll roads use an electronic tolling system. You don’t need to slow down, stop or hunt for loose change. There are three toll roads in New Zealand, all located in the North Island:

  • Auckland Northern Gateway between Orewa and Puhoi
  • Tauranga Eastern Link between Papamoa and Paengaroa
  • Tauranga Takitimu Drive between State Highway 29 (SH29) to State Highway 2 (SH2) in the direction of the Port of Tauranga and Mt Maunganui

You will be responsible for paying any toll fees that you incur when driving these routes. There are no toll booths so we recommend using the easy online payment option:


Can I do laundry on New Zealand campsites?

Yes, with ease. Costs may vary but are usually around NZ$4-8 (around £2 - £4) for a wash and tumble dry. 

Do I need road maps?

That depends on your preference. The motorhomes we use generally have the option of a Sat Nav for you to use, please check with us when planning your holiday.

Is it easy to self cater on New Zealand campsites?

Eating on campsites is easy, with most having excellent kitchens equipped with hobs, ovens, fridges, freezers and microwaves – rarely, if ever, seen on a European campsite. Many even provide kettles, toasters too, not to mention open fires, braziers, gas BBQs and herb gardens!

Washing up facilities and even washing up liquid, cloths and brushes are provided. There’s a healthy respect for fellow campers and you’ll meet interesting people from all over the world.

Should I pre-book my ferry between the North & South Islands?

It’s worth pre-booking your ferry crossing as these can get very busy particularly during the peak season in January and February. Powered campsites can also be very busy during this period, so you might want to pre-book some of these if you’re planning to travel at this time.

Where should I camp?

We generally recommend you park your campervan overnight in a holiday park, Department of Conservation camping ground or other specially designated area. If in doubt, ask at the nearest i-SITE (official visitor information office).

Airlines and stopovers

Which airport can I fly from?

All of our partnered airlines fly from Heathrow and Manchester Airport. We also offer flights from Gatwick, Glasgow, Newcastle and Birmingham airports. Speak to one of our agents to discuss your flight plans.

Can I upgrade my seats?

Each of our partnered airlines offers seating upgrades from Premium Economy to First Class - or your selected airlines equivalent - and it’s easy to upgrade. Speak to one of our agents to upgrade your seats.

How much luggage can I bring?

Each airline will have different luggage allowances, although most will offer 23 - 30kg per person with economy seats. Please check your airline’s website for the latest information on luggage allowances.

Can I include a stopover on my flight?

A long flight is a great excuse to break your journey with a stop off at an amazing stopover location. We can offer many options, so let us know your thoughts and we’ll take care of it.

You can stopover at a number of destinations dependent on each airline and their routing. Options include Bali, Dubai, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Rarotonga (Cook Islands), Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne. Please note that stopovers are also dependent on your final destination.

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