Do I have to be a member to take out Caravan and Motorhome Club insurance?

Anyone can get a quote online or by phone, but you will need to become a member of the Club to purchase Caravan Cover. 

Do you offer a UK breakdown and recovery service?

Yes, it’s called Mayday and you can find more information on our UK breakdown and recovery page.

I want to travel outside the EU, is my insurance policy still valid?

It is important to make sure that your policies provide adequate cover for your purposes. If you want to travel outside of the European Union or Associated Countries you will need to obtain an International Certificate of Motor Insurance, also known as a 'Green Card'.

What happens if I'm involved in an accident abroad?

If you are involved in an accident or breakdown whilst on the continent which requires you to leave the motorhome, car and/or caravan there, you must ensure that your normal insurance cover is maintained for the period that they remain on the continent and for the journey back to your home address.

You should remove all items of baggage and personal effects before leaving. If this is not possible, arrange for your insurance company to hold covered whatever items remain. You must remove any valuables and items which might attract Customs Duty, including wines and spirits.

What insurance and financial services does the Caravan and Motorhome Club offer?

The Club offers a range of insurance products including motorhome insurance, car insurance, overseas holiday insurance as well as the Caravan Cover scheme.

What is Red Pennant?

Red Pennant is the Club's overseas travel insurance service and is designed to consider the needs of the caravanner, motorhomer and trailer tent owner in trouble abroad.

Who is included in a single policy?

Everyone in the vehicle must be added, even if their time on the trip is different.

Caravan Cover

I plan to store my caravan at home, is this OK for Caravan Cover?

As long as the caravan is stored in the UK, the majority of members have no restrictions regarding caravan storage. However, wherever you store the caravan you must ensure that you meet minimum security requirements.

I store my caravan abroad; can I insure it with the Club?

Caravan Cover, our caravan insurance alternative, is available to UK residents who keep their caravans in the UK. However, you can use the caravan abroad for holidays up to 182 days in any one period of cover, which can be extended on application subject to some additional information.

Can I get insurance for my folding camper?

You can take out Caravan Cover, our caravan insurance alternative which also covers folding campers. 

How much should I cover my caravan, equipment and contents for?

The sum you choose to cover for the contents of your caravan is entirely up to you, however we suggest you select an amount that reflects the potential value of all items in your caravan, should they be lost or destroyed completely in a worst case scenario.

What security devices do I need to fit to my caravan?

The security condition requires that at least one security device is fitted when the caravan is not in use and unhitched from the towing vehicle. If you do not secure the caravan, we can decline to pay a theft claim.

When will my caravan be covered?

Your caravan is covered all the time including when it’s in storage, on your drive, on the road or on site. You'll be covered against accidental damage or loss from theft,  vandalism, storm, and flood. Please read the relevant cover booklet on our cover documents page for full details.

Where can I find the Chassis, CRiS, or VIN number on my caravan?

The CRiS or VIN number for all caravans registered after 1992 is a 17 digit alphanumeric which is stamped on a plate on the chassis and also etched on the window of the caravan.

Who can use my caravan if I take out the Club's Caravan Cover?

Your friends and family can use your caravan as long as you have not let it for hire or reward. Cover includes your equipment and contents but it does not cover their personal items.

My policy

I have an excess on my insurance policy/Caravan Cover, what does this mean?

In simple terms, an excess is a contribution that you will have to pay in the event of a claim.

Can I download or print a summary of my current insurance policy?

You can view and download your Red Pennant Overseas Holiday Insurance, Gadget Insurance, Key Cover policy documents, as well as Caravan Cover documents from the My Profile Area on the Club website.

MAYDAY UK Breakdown policy wording can be viewed and downloaded while you’re getting your quote. Motorhome, Car and Home Insurance policy documents are accessible after you have been given a quote. Full documentation will be sent once you have bought a policy by email or by post. If you have misplaced your documents, please call so we can arrange a copy to be sent on:

  • Green Flag Breakdown and Recovery: 0800 051 5318
  • Motorhome, Car or Home insurance: 0345 308 8643

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