Why are discussions on politics and religion not allowed?

Club Together is fundamentally a community to discuss caravanning, motorhoming, trailer-tenting and the great outdoors. Previously we have had many discussions on religion and politics which has caused a lot of arguments. These take a lot of time and resource to manage, which is taken away from other areas of the community that we need to grow and develop. 

Why has my discussion been closed?

Your discussion may be closed for review by a Community Moderator if they feel it contravenes any aspect of the Community Guidelines or the Terms and Conditions. If you feel this is not the right decision please first check the guidelines. If you are still not happy with the decision please email the Community Team at community.manager@camc.com for review. Do not restart the discussion or question the decision on the community. If you do we will remove and it may result in your Club Together account being suspended.

Why is it wrong to go off topic?

We all stray off topic from time-to-time but if you find yourself doing this please ask yourself whether it would be more appropriate to post a new discussion or steer the conversation back to the original post. Going off topic can be confusing for anyone who has just joined the discussion or anyone wishing to read the discussion for advice.

What to do if you get a warning?

We will often send a warning to contributors to give them advice on the way they post, why they have been reported and why they have caused offense. We do understand that it is often easy to accidently cause offense when this may not be your intention. Like we say in the guidelines, please be aware that jokes or comments that work face-to-face may seem mean or insensitive online.

Please do take our warning seriously though. We don't want to suspend users but we will take this action if our advice is ignored.

Why wasn't I informed my post/discussion was deleted?

Unfortunately it is not always possible to inform someone if a post, discussion or review is removed. It may be that there are currently a lot of posts needing to be deleted, which means it is difficult for us to inform everyone, or for legal purposes we may not be able to give further information.

If we receive an email demanding to know why it was removed that we deem to be aggressive, the Community Team may not respond, however, we will always do our best to reply to polite enquiries with an explanation if we can.

How do I add photos to a post?

You can add photos and video links to your posts by using the buttons above the text box. You can upload up to 5 photos and link to one video per post. All photos must be below 500KB.

I want to upload more than 5 photos

You have the option to upload five photos at a time in your posts on Club Together. If you wish to upload more than five photos, you can do so by creating multiple posts. Please be mindful, however, of the Community Guidelines when posting; other members may be put off contributing if one user seems to be dominating the thread.


Why do we have to have moderation on Club Together?

We have a responsibility to ensure that the community is a friendly, polite, safe and relevant online environment and a pleasant place to be. As such we need to ensure Club Together users abide by the Community Guidelines and the Terms and Conditions they have agreed to.

We need to moderate posts so all users can feel welcome to contribute without fear of intimidation by others or being subjected to arguments. If we feel a post is there to antagonise or incite other users we will remove it. If a discussion has descended into an argument we may take the decision to close or delete the discussion.

Why is the community not pre-moderated?

Pre-moderation is when every single comment is checked before it appears on the community. Quite simply, with thousands of actions being made every week, we do not have the resources to do this. That's why we rely on each and every user of Club Together to adhere to the guidelines and use the report tool where necessary. It is our community and we need your support to make it a welcoming and friendly place to be. For new, non-member users of the community, their first three posts to the forum will be submitted for review by Caravan and Motorhome Club staff. If we believe that these first posts are inappropriate, or contravene any of the guidelines, the Caravan and Motorhome Club reserves the right to lock the users account for use.


How do I use the report tool?

If you are uncomfortable with anything posted on Club Together or as a review, and wish to bring the comment to the Community Manager’s attention, you can use the report tool. Just click on the 'Report' link on the top right hand side of the relevant comment. You can then enter a message and click the submit button. This will then be sent to us to review so therefore we would appreciate it if you could provide as much information as possible i.e. why it offends, if it is aimed at you personally, etc. You can also email the Community Manager directly at community.manager@caravanclub.co.uk

Please note your report only goes to the Community Team and not the Moderators, therefore we may not be able to reply straight away during out of office hours. We always aim to respond to reports within 2 working days. Sometimes we are able to action immediately but sometimes we will need to investigate or discuss further, which may mean it will take longer to action or respond. Please note however we will always do our best to investigate as soon as possible.

Please don't comment on a discussion you have reported, even if you feel justified to do so. It can mean that conversations get heated and arguments occur, making Club Together an unpleasant place to be, which is what we are trying to avoid. If this happens it may result in action being taken on your posts as well.

How to deal with troublemakers

With a large community, sadly it is almost impossible to avoid troublemakers, people who enjoy deliberately being disruptive and unpleasant. This can cause arguments and antagonise situations on the community. As such we ask that if someone is rude or offensive please report this or email community.manager@caravanclub.co.uk. A member of the team will look into the situation as soon as we can and will take appropriate action where necessary.

Please don't respond or enter conversation with a troublemaker or troll. If you enter into an argument with insults, you may then risk your own privilege to the website as well. It is best not to let the situation escalate, but to report it to us to review.

What is a troll?

A troll is someone who has the intention of disrupting discussions, interfering with positive postings and deliberately causing disharmony on the community or antagonising situations or other contributors. They often hijack discussions and post negatively to cause trouble.

What is an alter ego?

An alter ego is someone who has previously been banned from a community or forum and re-joins under a new login with the intention to cause trouble.

What is spam?

Spam on communities or forums are normally posts that are unrelated to the community. These are often advertisements with links to malicious websites and abusive or inappropriate information and they are often posted repetitively. These normally appear on the discussions. If you see spam posts please report these to us and we will do our best to remove as soon as possible. 

What to do if you spot a troll or alter ego?

Don't feed the troll. They often want you to react to their postings so the best course of action is not to reply but to report them. We can then investigate and make the decision to block them or suspend them if we feel it is necessary.

If you feel someone has been trolling Club Together or if you think a new user is an alter ego please report this to community.manager@camc.com.

Why haven't I heard back from the Community Manager?

Due to the large amount of emails sent to the Community Manager Inbox unfortunately it is impossible for the Community Manager to respond to every email. Please be assured we will review all emails and take appropriate action where necessary.

Why don't all Moderators do things in the same way?

Some of our Moderators have different roles. Some are there to help, guide and advise, whilst others can also moderate to support the Community Team. We are all human and all have different approaches that we prefer, but we do try to be fair and consistent and are in regular contact with each other. Ultimately any final decision on whether a discussion remains closed is made by the Community Team.

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