New booking system

What's changed?

We have introduced a new online booking experience that is altogether better for the membership as a whole. Right now, you can book Overseas Sites and crossings via the new booking experience for travel after 1 January 2020. In time you’ll be able to book UK Club Sites via the new booking experience too.

What is the benefit to me?

The new booking experience enables you to search Overseas sites via a more user-friendly map and location finder, build a holiday itinerary of sites and crossings in one session and compare sites by location, facilities and price. Within the next phase of the project, more improvements will be released and you'll be able to book UK Club Sites in the same way.

How much has this cost?

The costs associated with the project have been planned for in the accounts. Due to more members requiring the ability to book online, we need to continually invest in our booking systems to facilitate this requirement.

Will the new online booking experience continue to be improved?

Yes, the Club will continue to improve the online booking experience once it has launched.

When will you be updating the UK booking experience?

UK Sites will be added to the new booking experience in the next phase of the project.

The change

What was wrong with the old system? Why are you making these changes? How will this benefit members?

We're always looking at ways we can improve the services we provide to you. Over the past year we’ve held a number of focus groups, member experience sessions, reviewed Club Together forums and sent out various surveys, all with the aim of understanding how you feel the current booking experience could be improved.

You said the previous online booking experience for Overseas was not so easy to navigate, therefore it could take a long time to book and sometimes it was easier to call the Contact Centre. The new online booking experience is easier and quicker to use, so you'll be able to book your holidays at a convenient time online.

Who was consulted about this change?

Members, Site Staff and Committee Members were all involved in designing and delivering the new improvements:

  • Over 100,000 new and longer-standing members were invited to share their views in 2018
  • 5 Focus Groups and 22 User Experience testing sessions held with Members
  • All Site Staff (over 900) were surveyed and all Committee Members were consulted

Why now? Why has it taken so long to change?

We've been aware that the online booking experience needed replacing and we are delivering the improvements as quickly as possible. As you can appreciate this is large project that involves many technical solutions.

Why have you changed overseas first?

To trial, test and make quick improvements we are launching the new online booking experience in a phased approach starting with a small number of Overseas bookings.

Can I still call the Contact Centre to make an Overseas booking?

We encourage you to go online first for speed & efficiency. However, the Contact Centre will be available during standard opening hours to assist with bookings.

Are T&Cs & payment rules changing for Overseas Bookings?

Yes, deposits for Overseas bookings will now be calculated as a % of the total cost of the holiday to be fairer for all members. We've also brought forward the final balance due date from 8 weeks to 10 weeks prior to cover our payment terms to overseas suppliers.

Why are you investing in this new system for Overseas Travel just as Brexit is happening?

The Club's Travel Service has been helping members to organise their trips to Europe for over 50 years and we'll continue to do so after Brexit. We're working with all relevant industry experts and Government advisors to understand the possible outcomes of Brexit and what this means for overseas travel. We do believe many members will still want to enjoy holidays to Europe so want to make the booking process as easy as possible for them.

Making a booking

How long will it take me to make a booking?

Initial feedback suggests that the new system is easier and faster to make a booking. However, depending on the type of booking being made will dictate the amount of time taken to make the booking.

How do I know my payment has gone through?

You will receive a booking confirmation.

Do I have to login to get a price or make a booking?

You don't need to be logged in when checking prices, but you'll need to be logged in to book.

Is it easier to find the cheapest fares?

Yes, 'from' prices are displayed on the map by site and daily prices are shown in a calendar view. This makes it easier to find the best time to stay. When searching for crossings, numerous different options will be displayed to make it easier to compare prices and times and in addition, the system will also check before you pay that you`ve got the best price.

What is a combined deal?

How you qualify
The Club can offer a better price on certain crossings when purchased with 4+ site nights or Overseas Site Night Vouchers. We’ll let you know when this applies as you will see 'combined deal' highlighted in the search results or in your basket. We’ll check you're getting the best price throughout your booking journey.

How to apply a combined deal
If you add an eligible crossing in your basket first, and then add qualifying items, we'll automatically check to see if you can get a better price by offering to convert the items into a combined deal.

If you already have the qualifying items in your basket, then you find a crossing that is eligible for a combined deal, you’ll see the total combined deal price of the crossing + the items in your basket within the search results.

Can I now get better overseas deals?

The overseas deals are as great as they have always been. Don't forget we also offer the Price Match Guarantee - if you find a cheaper Overseas site, Eurotunnel or ferry crossing let us know and we'll match it.

What will happen to my existing bookings?

Existing bookings will remain on our current system.

Why do I have to book UK separately to Overseas?

In the next phase of the project, you'll be able to book both UK Club Sites, crossings and Overseas sites together.

Why can't I book 12 months in advance for Overseas?

As we don't own the sites overseas we are reliant on contracting them each season in terms of pricing and pitch allocations. Overseas sites are often reluctant to commit to future seasons before the current season has passed.

How can I purchase Overseas Site Night Vouchers?

You can now add Overseas Site Night Vouchers more easily via the 'Sites' tab or whenever you search for a site or location and select the Overseas Site Night Voucher from the results.

How can I book multiple campsite and ferries with different vehicle and tow details?

Bookings can only be made with one vehicle and/or tow. In order to book sites or crossings with a different vehicle and/or tow, you must start a new separate booking or call us on 01342 316 101

Why can't I change the number of people in my party?

The same party must be used when booking multiple campsites and/or crossings at the same time. In order to book sites or crossings with a different party, you must start a new separate booking or call us on 01342 316 101

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