Cataluña caravan and motorhome sites

This unique region of North Eastern Spain spans 360 miles along the Mediterranean coast. Cataluña is home to Romanesque art, medieval mountain monasteries, Art Nouveau masterpieces and Roman ruins.

Its cuisine is as varied and diverse as its landscape. Traditions like the human towers (formed by castellers standing on each other’s shoulders) are a unique Catalan tradition that was given UNESCO World Heritage status in 2010.

One day you could be hiking through the Pyrenees and the next enjoying fresh seafood in a quaint seaside town.

Major towns and cities


  • Girona - well-known for its mediaeval history, it also has a rich Roman past
  • Barcelona - is known for its art scene, unique Catalan culture, and stunning architecture
  • Tarragona - shines with its Roman architecture, interwoven with beaches and a fascinating culinary scene
  • Lleida - is famous for its agricultural produce and textile industry
  • Figueres - is the birthplace of artist Salvador Dalí
  • Palamós - with its beautiful beaches, historic buildings, and lively atmosphere

Regional attractions

  • Sagrada Familia - the expiatory temple which commenced in 1882. The part built by Gaudí was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005
  • Güell Park - its unique style of Trencadis, Park Güell became of the most famous and iconic landmarks by Gaudí
  • The Magic fountain - is a large ornamental fountain in Barcelona known for its seasonal evening displays of lights, music and dancing jets of water
  • Girona Art Museum - is home to the most important collection, offers an itinerary through unique works of Catalan art
  • Pont del Diable - one of the oldest ancient architectural bridges found in Europe
  • Tarragona Anfiteatro - is a Roman amphitheatre in the city, house up to 15,000 spectators, and measured 130 by 102 metres
  • Dalí Theatre-Museum - is a museum dedicated to the artist Salvador Dalí

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Top questions

How do I book an overseas site?

Overseas campsite bookings can easily be made on the Club website and "combined deals" are common when you book a campsite at the same time as your ferry crossing. Booking online means you save the £20 Contact Centre booking fee.

Does the Club take deposits for overseas bookings?

Yes, deposits for overseas bookings are calculated at 20% for a site and 25% for a ferry (unless it is a non-refundable ferry/Eurotunnel in which case full payment is due at time of booking). The final balance is due 10 weeks prior to travel.

Is the standard of overseas sites similar to that of the UK?

European campsites are star-rated by their own local authorities and can have different standards and regulations to the UK. However, the Club's travel team handpick and inspect our campsites so that members can be sure of a high standard.

This is my first visit abroad with my caravan/motorhome. How can the Club help?

The Club's first time abroad section explains everything you need to know about going on your first overseas touring holiday.

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