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Take your caravan or motorhome to Germany for a great touring holiday. It’s pretty big but Germany has borders with nine other countries, so if you run out of things to do drive over the border and see what you can find.

Germany’s cities will have you dancing to Oompah bands, gazing in awe at Gothic architecture, taking stock of modern history or simply just enjoying a frankfurter or two.

For an action-packed holiday head to the Rhine Valley – swap four wheels for two and cycle (or ski) through dramatic landscapes and idyllic villages. Or rest your feet and go for a canoe ride along the Rhine instead.

We recommend that you book a stay at the following caravan sites in Germany – all have been inspected by us – so you can expect high standards

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When to go: early spring
Don’t miss: Neuschwanstein Castle
Motorway speed limit: 50mph (caravan) 81mph (motorhome under 3.5t) 62mph (motorhome over 3.5t)
Driving tip: It’s illegal to pass on the right on the Autobahn

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Top questions

How do I book an overseas site?

Overseas site bookings can be made online or by phoning 01342 488 102. Discounts are common when you combine a site booking with your ferry.

Does the Club take deposits for overseas bookings?

You can choose to pay a £75 deposit on campsite bookings, if your departure date is over eight weeks away. The outstanding balance must be cleared eight weeks before travel.

Is the standard of overseas sites similar to that of the UK?

European sites are star-rated by local authorities and will have different standards and regulations to the UK. The Club's site inspectors ensure they are of a high standard for our members.

This is my first visit abroad with my caravan/motorhome. How can the Club help?

The Club's first time abroad section explains everything you need to know about going on your first overseas touring holiday.

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