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Murcia & Valencia

Eastern Spain is an all-year-round destination with the most popular stretches of coastline amounting to some 200+ kilometres. This Mediterranean destination is known for its fine sand, crystal clear waters and plenty of spaces where you can relax and unwind. Along its coast, you’ll find the regions of Valencia and Murcia which are dotted with rocky coves and has a surprising ecosystem of great natural landscapes, cultural wealth and unique food and drink.

Discover the authentic flavours of the Mediterranean diet where gastronomic delights are made possible with fresh seafood, vegetables, fruits and tradition, all of which combine to produce that authentic Mediterranean flavour.

Valencia is famous for being the City of Arts and Sciences, with quirky festivals and being the birthplace of paella while the sun-drenched city of Murcia in eastern Spain is the place to go to enjoy great food, fascinating history, and grand baroque architecture.

Major towns and cities


  • Peniscola - often called the "Gibraltar of Valencia", and locally as "The City in the Sea"
  • Valencia - is most famous for one dish, of course, paella
  • Alicante - The city is built on two ancient Roman settlements, one of which gives the city its nickname - The City of Light
  • Benidorm - is popular for its long stretches of wide, golden beaches
  • Elche - is famous for palm trees, shoemaking


  • Cartagena - if you're interested in maritime history this is the place to visit
  • Murcia - an interesting old town with narrow winding streets and attractive plazas
  • Lorca - is one of the most important historical centres in the whole of Eastern Spain

Regional attractions


  • San Jose caves - known since ancient times, the Caves of San José boast the longest navigable underground river in Europe. You can take boat trips through its spectacular galleries as well as walk through corridors full of stalactites and stalagmites
  • Peniscola Castle - The castle is located on the highest point of the city. It was built by the Knights Templar on the remains of an old Moorish citadel
  • Sierra de Irta Natural Park - Sierra de Irta is one the last remaining unspoilt mountainscapes on the Valencian coastline. An oasis that reaches towards the sky among the cliffs, enchanting hidden coves and essentially Mediterranean plant and wildlife


  • Santa Maria Cathedral - The Cathedral of Murcia, a key piece of the Spanish Baroque, is a space full of artistic contrasts, from the restrained Mediterranean Gothic of the fifteenth century to the historicisms of the nineteenth century
  • Castle of Lorca - is the hallmark of the city, the castle-fortress is a place where history is lived first hand through exhibitions, workshops for the whole family, guided tours and extraordinary activities throughout the year
  • Cartagena historical town and museums - historical sites, art deco buildings, a boat ride around the splendid port and a lively city centre, enjoyed on an unforgettable day trip to Cartagena

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