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Go Karting

There are few adrenaline rushes quite like go-kart racing, hurtling around a twisty 350m track at up to 40mph and only inches above the tarmac. The sense of speed is electrifying, the precision of the steering sharp, the bumper-to-bumper racing spirited. 

This is Drive-Tech’s track at Castle Combe, Wiltshire, in a paddock next to the famous motor racing circuit and home to a first-class outdoor go-kart set-up. The ‘grand prix’ involves every driver racing four heats before a series of finals sorts the slow coaches from the speed merchants. It’s fast, furious fun, immediately accessible yet technically challenging, so the fastest drivers always reach the chequered flag first. Plus, everyone is in the same type of kart, so there’s no chance to blame the equipment!

Forget about towcar caution; this is all about perfect racing lines, blistering acceleration and only the tiniest dab of the brakes. It takes skill and courage, and when it all comes together the feeling is intoxicating. 

Members save 10% on Drive-Tech driving experiences. Pre-booking required: visit to access your member discount code which you will need to provide when booking directly with the venue. 

Nearest Club campsite: Baltic Wharf

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