Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQs

UK campsites

Which campsites will close following the latest lockdowns?

Please visit our campsites reopening page for the latest information on our campsites.

Which campsites will close following the latest lockdown in Wales?

Please visit our reopening page for the latest information on our campsites in Wales.

Can I still use my Club Vouchers when the lockdown eases?

We have now extended the lifespan of the Club Site Vouchers. For those vouchers currently valid until 31 December 2021, they can now be used for a further 12 months, up to and including 31 December 2022.

Can I still use my Site Night Vouchers when the lockdown eases?

We have now extended the lifespan of the Site Night Vouchers issued to 31 December 2020 for a further 6 months to now expire on 30 June 2021.

Are CLs affected by the new COVID lockdown?

All CLs are subject to the same temporary lockdown restrictions imposed in each UK country as those of our Club Sites. Please check for the latest information on our web page You may be contacted by the CL directly, if not, please contact them for further information.

How does the new NHS QR code Test and Trace system work on campsites?

The current Test and Trace system is in use at all Club campsites and utilises our reservation system in order to minimise the administrative burden on our members. On 24 September, the UK Government introduced a new NHS QR code system within England and Wales in addition to the current Test and Trace procedure. A similar system was introduced in Scotland and Northern Ireland. This new system allows individuals to download a Government App and then scan a code within hospitality venues, to “check in” to the venue - this is entirely voluntary. Whilst not a requirement for members to “check in”, the Club, and other campsites or holiday parks, are legally bound to display the new NHS QR Code posters at its campsites.

We feel strongly that containing outbreaks at an early stage and reducing the ability for the COVID virus to spread is ultimately beneficial to us all and are asking our members and guests to support the use of the new system.

The existing Test and Trace system that is already in place will continue, should members not have the ability to download the App.

How do I get the new App and what do I then have to do on site?

The new App will be promoted and published by the UK Government and Devolved Administrations for you to download.  When you have the App you will be able to use it at our Club Campsites by scanning the code on a poster in or near to the Reception area.  There will be different versions of the App for each country within the UK. You will need to download the App that is applicable to your normal country of residence.  You should download one App only.

Do I need to wear a face covering on Club campsites?

We are asking that all guests entering reception and shops on all our Club sites wear a face covering, so please remember to bring your own with you. Out of respect for each other, we strongly encourage everyone to wear a face covering in all other confined spaces where you come into contact with other users.

Will UK Club Affiliated Sites and Certificated Locations be passing on the recent VAT price reduction?

Both Affiliated Sites and Certificated Locations (CLs) are privately owned and set their own pitch fees. However, most CLs, as small businesses, do not charge VAT as their income is below the Government threshold, in which case these CL’s prices will not change. To enquire about AS and CL site fees and to book these sites members will need to contact the sites directly, using the contact details provided on each site web page.

I need to self-isolate, can I stay on a Club site?

In order to minimise the risk of virus transmission to other members, and to maintain our COVID secure commitment, you will not be able to stay on Club sites if you are required to quarantine. If returning from abroad, please follow Government advice and travel directly to the location where you will be self-isolating.

I'm coming back from overseas and need to self-isolate, can I put my outfit back into storage?

You are welcome to return your outfit to a pre-booked storage facility on return from abroad. However, you will not be permitted to self-isolate on our campsites. You should telephone the site in question in advance and notify site staff that you have returned from abroad and will be going into quarantine. In order to minimise the risk of virus transmission to other members, and to maintain our COVID secure commitment, you should not use any on-site facilities including toilet blocks, waste emptying points or service points. Conversations with site staff when on-site should take place outdoors or by phone, and no rubbish should be deposited on site. As the current series of lockdowns continue, please check our webpage for latest information that may affect your ability to visit storage sites:

When are Affiliated Sites opening?

We have been liaising closely with our Affiliated Sites (AS) partners and have provided them with the Clubs outline plans for reopening our sites across the UK. If you are looking to book an AS, you will need to contact them directly.

Will kid's playgrounds and games' rooms be open?

Our playgrounds across our network are now open with COVID secure protocols. Parents or guardians will be responsible for ensuring that social distancing protocols in particular are followed for the safety of all. We also recommend that children and adults wash or sanitise their hands both before and after playing on the equipment. Unfortunately, games' rooms will remain closed for the foreseeable time.

What about your swimming pools?

We are actively working with Swim England to determine how and when our swimming pools at Hillhead, Looe and Seacroft can reopen under new social distancing and safety guidelines. In response to current Government guidelines, our pools will remain closed to members even when the sites are open.

In the event that the pools remain unavailable for use, we will provide members staying on touring or camping pitches with a price reduction to reflect this. Members staying at Hillhead will receive a £6 reduction per night during the high season, and £3 per night during the mid-season. Members staying at Seacroft will receive a £5 reduction per night during high season and £2.50 per night during mid-season. Members staying at Looe will receive a £4 reduction per night during high season and £2 per night during mid-season.

Site staff will provide the discount upon payment when arriving at site. (Please note that season dates are visible within the pricing tables on each Club Site’s web page) We want our members to have the best possible holiday experience, so we will continue working toward opening all our pools when we can.

What about your restaurants?

At this time all restaurants will remain closed and this will continue for the foreseeable future. Some of our restaurants are able to provide a takeaway service and other campsites are visited by mobile catering units, and this will continue, provided it complies with social distancing guidelines.

What about communal areas, such as toilet/shower blocks, dishwashing, food preparation and laundry facilities?

We are currently waiting on advice from Governments on the use of shared facilities such as toilet/shower blocks. When we have this information we will advise members.

Can I use a toilet or shower tent on my pitch?

Yes, toilet and shower tents are allowed, but if using a portable shower, waste water will need to be collected as it is not allowed to soak onto the pitch as this can cause issues for the pitch occupier and those nearby.

Will Club campsite shops be open?

Whilst we are aiming to provide the ability to purchase LPG, toilet chemical & rock pegs at all campsites via a telephone order and collect service paid by credit card, unfortunately, many of our campsites will not be providing the usual grocery shop offer. Therefore, please ensure you are as prepared as possible and bring all your grocery essentials with you.

For details of all those campsites where shops will not be opening please go to

Have you changed your cleaning regimes under COVID-19?

We will be increasing the rigour of cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting common areas as part of our COVID Secure Commitment.

Do I need to bring my own hand sanitiser?

It is really important that everyone follows the guidance of regular hand washing with soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds. Whilst we will be providing hand sanitiser at a number of points across the campsite, we would recommend that members also bring their own plentiful supplies of soap and hand sanitiser.

Are on-site dog walks still available?

Where possible these will be open. Please ensure social distancing is maintained, and please be considerate of members on neighbouring pitches as you pass by. To share the load, please consider walks off-site.

Will Service Points be open?

These will be open on our campsites, but will be subject to appropriate social distancing measures. Please ensure you wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds after use.

Can I pay by cash?

To minimise the risk to our staff through face to face interactions, we ask that all payments are made by card. If this is not possible, please contact the campsite a few days prior to arrival to discuss the options.

COVID Secure Commitment. What is this?

These are the protocols that we have put in place to give you the added peace of mind that we have made the necessary changes to our procedures on our Club Sites to reflect the guidance from UK Government and our industry bodies on social distancing and safety requirements. You will see the new COVID Secure Commitment stamp across our campsites as a recognition of this.

Can we invite visitors on sites?

We are not currently allowing visitors on-site to meet with other guests. We’re sure that you will understand that this could increase the social distancing burden on staff and other guests during this particular time. In addition, it will create difficulties in being able to provide track and trace data if required. We ask that you arrange to meet any visitors at an offsite location.

Storage. Can I access my outfit?

 If our touring site is closed due to national restrictions, access to the storage compound will be permitted for exceptional reasons e.g. essential maintenance, scheduled servicing or MOT testing. Please contact the campsite direct to make an appointment, preferably at least 24 hours before you plan to visit the site. Please check the main Information webpage for details on changes to lockdown restrictions by UK country

Can I bring a maintenance person to site to look over and check the van?

Please contact the campsite directly. We will continue to review access times and provide updated information should this change. Please check the main information page for details on changes to lockdwon restrictions by UK country.

I purchased a 12 month Wi-Fi package and so will the sites closing mean I lose three months of this package?

If needed, the Club aims to issue full refunds for unused weekly Wi-Fi passes and an extension of time added to those monthly and yearly Wi-Fi packages. These are processed by our Wi-Fi partners Air Angel whom can be contacted via email at Guests who have purchased the best value annual Wi-Fi pass will automatically be issued a 3 month extension of time once the site network re-opens, therefore, will be able to utilise their pass from July onwards at the 149 Sites that offer Wi-Fi (we will not be part refunding the annual Wi-Fi pass at this point).

What happens if you have a suspected or confirmed Coronavirus case on the campsite?

If there is a suspected or confirmed Covid-19 case on our campsites, the individual will have been asked to leave the site and advised to follow Government advice. If NHS England (Test & Trace), NHS Scotland (Test and Protect) or NHS Wales (Test, Trace, Protect) staff contact the site they may also advise on who else needs to be informed and if any further actions are required. At all times on the campsite guests are reminded of the need to maintain social distancing guidelines to minimise any health risks to themselves and other guests.

What happens if there is a local lockdown where there is a campsite?

We will follow all Government and Local Authority advice and guidance, and your site staff will keep you informed. If we are required to close a site, please be aware that this may need to be done at short notice.

Will the £13 non-member fee be reduced in response to the reduction in VAT? (applicable on touring pitch bookings only)

Unfortunately it will not. However, the pitch, adult and child prices will all be reduced at the point of payment - saving non-members approximately 12.5% on published prices.

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