Winter storage

This month, the Club’s technical team look at ways to prepare your leisure vehicle for winter storage

A breathable cover will protect your vehicle and reduce the amount of cleaning required when you begin touring again

Q How should I prepare our leisure vehicle for winter storage?

A If your caravan or motorhome is not going to be used for a while, it is a good idea to perform a number of tasks to ensure it is in the best possible condition when you are ready to tour again in the spring. The following checklist provides a guide to the jobs which will help avoid a nasty surprise when you bring your vehicle out of hibernation.

  • Empty it of perishables and valuables, then give it a good clean inside and out to minimise what you’ll need to do in the spring. Leave fridge and cupboard doors ajar to air. Check vents are not blocked but that grilles/mesh to prevent vermin or insects getting in are intact.
  • Flush waste water tanks and/or pipes, and drain water system (including water heater and toilet flush) thoroughly. Leave taps open and remove water filters to avoid risk of freeze cracking. 
  • Switch off electrical circuits other than security systems. Make sure the leisure battery is fully charged if leaving it in the vehicle; if it’s kept topped up by a solar panel, make sure that’s clean. If the battery’s not required for security systems and your vehicle’s stored away from home, consider removing it and periodically charging it with a suitable charger. 
  • Turn off gas supply at cylinder(s); some storage compounds may require cylinders to be removed.
  • Lubricate rubber window/door seals with silicone spray or wipe with olive oil. 
  • A good, breathable cover will protect the vehicle and reduce spring cleaning requirements. 
  • Subject to any restrictions in your storage location, fit/activate security devices. 
  • Book spring servicing now before workshops get full.
  • If possible, check the vehicle every few weeks while in storage. Air it to minimise condensation and move it slightly so that tyres are not loaded at the same point. 
  • Leave caravan handbrake off to avoid brakes jamming on (leave motorhomes in gear, handbrake off, with wheels chocked). Also, for motorhomes, ideally run the engine from time to time if you can.
  • Use the winter to sort out minor repairs and refurbishments. Do jobs you’ve put off during the touring season, like cleaning the awning. 
  • Review what you take in the van and try to minimise it for better fuel economy or improved payload capacity. If you’re missing something essential, though, add it to your Christmas list!


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