Window cleaning and repair

Tips for cleaning, maintaining and repairing the windows in your caravan or motorhome

Sammy Faircloth loves to enjoy the view out of her caravan windows on site

I would argue that the comfort and general ambience inside your caravan are just as important as your chosen pitching location, which is why a light, airy feel and a clear view through the windows are high on my wishlist.

I love to stay at caravan sites in the countryside but often find that in order to reach them I must run the gauntlet of narrow lanes lined by ferocious, bramble-ridden hedges. I cringe when I hear that scraping sound as a hedge makes contact with my caravan and brace myself for the inevitable scratches.

I also like to arrive at my destination, relax with a cup of tea and admire the view through my caravan window. But what am I often greeted with? A pebble-dashing of insect bodies and road grime. With both these issues in mind, let me share some simple tips that will help.

Window cleaning

Make sure you use a specialist cleaning product to avoid damaging your windows

It is important that you use a cleaning product that is designed for use on caravan/motorhome acrylic windows – Autoglym Fast Glass (, Care-avan Acrylic Window Cleaner ( and VuPlex Plastic Protection ( are a few examples.

Always make sure you apply the cleaner using a non-abrasive microfiber or cotton cloth. I carry a bottle of window cleaner on my trips, so, after arriving on pitch, I can give the windows a good clean. Voilà – I can see clearly now the bugs have gone!

Note: Don’t use methylated spirit to clean your acrylic windows as it will cause cracking or ‘crazing’.

Window repair

Before (left) and after (right) removing a light scratch using our simple tips

First, a quick tip – if you use a caravan/motorhome cover, wash your vehicle before putting it on. This lowers the risk of dirt and grit becoming trapped and further damaging your windows.

There are products on the market that you can use to tackle light scratches on acrylic windows. One example is Fenwick’s Windowize ( Here’s how to get the best results...

  • Remove as much dirt, grime and dust as you can before applying Fenwick’s Windowize
  • Shake the bottle and apply to a soft cotton cloth
  • Apply using a circular motion with a little pressure, enough to remove the scratch
  • Wipe away using a microfibre cloth

The results can be truly impressive but deeper scratches may require complete window replacement.

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