5 tips for autumn touring

Get ready for touring in autumn with these top tips to tweak your routine and a selection of products to make sure you and your outfit are ready to go.

Pictured: Abbey Wood Club campsite

Touring is not just for summer and if you want to make the most of using your caravan or motorhome, you may be looking at booking a pitch in the latter months of the year for the first time. Get ready with these top tips to tweak your routine and a selection of products to make sure you and your outfit are ready to go!

1. Make sure your 'van has grip

Damp weather and fallen leaves shouldn’t slow you down. If you are not on hard-standing, parking your outfit on grip mats enables a quick getaway with minimal fuss. Look for a lattice design that can be locked together like the Milenco Giant Lattice Grip Mats for optimal traction in mud.

Make sure you have a sturdy step that won’t become slippery when wet. Look for wide rubber feet that will distribute weight evenly on multiple surfaces, and a grippy tread pattern. For extra security, some steps such as the Milenco Giant Double Step even have pegging holes to secure the step on grass pitches.

2. Keep it warm

It’s always important to make sure you have enough gas to power your heating and hot water, especially for cooler evenings. But don’t rely on guesswork, get a quick and accurate manual reading with the Truma Gas Level Check, or the Gas Level Control which is attached to the gas bottle magnetically and sends an accurate reading direct to your mobile phone.

3. Be road-ready

With wet and muddy roads becoming more likely this time of year, your tyres need to be in tip-top condition. Unpredictable weather calls for your tread to be as effective as possible, so make sure yours are up to the job with the Ring Digital Tyre & Tread Gauge. Another vital factor for your road-readiness checklist is tyre pressure. Under inflated tyres can alter the handling and braking of your outfit making the road a hazardous place. With a TyrePal Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) you can be sure your tyres are always correctly inflated.


4. Keep it clean

When you arrive on-site, a good waterless wash such as DrySparkle makes light work of any road grime. Cleaning is as easy as spraying on and wiping off with no water or scrubbing required. DrySparkle leaves an invisible protective finish that is safe for use on all caravan and motorhome bodywork, wheels, windows and paintwork.


5. Keep up with maintenance

Regular maintenance helps everything run more smoothly for longer, and saves money in the long run. Remember to lubricate your window and door seals with a silicone spray such as Thetford Maintenance Spray. Ensure you aerate your vehicle during and after each trip to prevent damp, especially if you use your on-board shower.

Always inspect your caravan and motorhome exterior bodywork before heading off and check all pumps, taps, heating and electrics are working as expected. If anything needs replacing, you can find many universal parts and fittings at Club Shop.

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