Open all year European campsites

Whether you are seeking warm winter sun, a nice city break or fun in the snow, we have a selection of 74 overseas campsites that are open all year and ready to welcome you this winter. Plus you'll find the best crossing and campsite combined deals when you book your crossing with us.

Campsites in Spain

Vilanova Park

(Club ref: E08) Cataluña

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(Club ref: E18) Valencia

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Bonterra Resort

(Club ref: E19) Valencia

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Kiko Park

(Club ref: E20) Valencia

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L'Orangeraie Calig

(Club ref: E43) Valencia

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(Club ref: W04) Valencia

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Alannia Costa Blanca

(Club ref: W05) Valencia

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Alannia Guardamar

(Club ref: W07) Valencia

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La Manga

(Club ref: E16) Murcia

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Camping Alicante Imperium

(Club ref: W21) Valencia

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(Club ref: W22) Valencia

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La Pedrera

(Club ref: W27) Valencia

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La Bella Vista

(Club ref: E06) Andalucía

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(Club ref: E15) Andalucía

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(Club ref: E21) Andalucía

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La Aldea

(Club ref: E24) Andalucia

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La Campiña

(Club ref: E21) Andalucía

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Los Escullos

(Club ref: E33) Andalucía

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Las Lomas

(Club ref: W01) Andalucía

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(Club ref: W02) Andalucía

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La Rosaleda

(Club ref: W06) Andalucía

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Cabo de Gata

(Club ref: W10) Andalucía

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Playa Almayate Costa

(Club ref: W12) Andalucía

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(Club ref: W13) Andalucía

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Parque Tropical

(Club ref: W20) Andalucía

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De Haro

(Club ref: E02) La Rioja

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Peña Montañesa

(Club ref: E12) Aragón

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El Molino de Cabúerniga

(Club ref: E28) Cantabria

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(Club ref: E40) Aragón

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(Club ref: E26) Castilla y León

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El Astral

(Club ref: E03) Castilla y León

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Monte Holiday

(Club ref: E04) Madrid

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La Sierrecilla

(Club ref: E52) Andalucia

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Camping Pueblo Blanco

(Club ref: E53) Andalucia

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A Lagoa

(Club ref: E54) Galicia

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Campsites in France


(Club ref: M07) Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

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Camping de Lyon

(Club ref: M13) Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

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Huttopia Bourg-St-Maurice

(Club ref: M15) Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

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Camping de Paris

(Club ref: P18) Île-de-France

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Camping de Strasbourg

(Club ref: J10) Grand-Est

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La Motte

(Club ref: D33) Nouvelle-Aquitaine

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(Club ref: D34) Nouvelle-Aquitaine

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(Club ref: L32) Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

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Le Paradis - Mazières

(Club ref: D37) Nouvelle-Aquitaine

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Campsites in Portugal


(Club ref: E07) Portugal

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Parque Cerdeira

(Club ref: E37) Portugal

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(Club ref: E10) Portugal

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(Club ref: E31) Portugal

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(Club ref: W24) Portugal

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São Pedro de Moel

(Club ref: W18) Portugal

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Campsites in the rest of Europe

Campsites in Austria

Natterer See

(Club ref: G01) Austria

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(Club ref: G04) Austria

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Sportcamp Woferlgut

(Club ref: G06) Austria

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Campsites in Germany


(Club ref: G02) Germany

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Azur Camping Am Auwaldsee

(Club ref: G07) Germany

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Sanssouci zu Potsdam

(Club ref: G16) Germany

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Knaus Campingpark Viechtach

(Club ref: G26) Germany

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Knaus Campingpark Nürnberg

(Club ref: G27) Germany

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Knaus Campingpark Lackenhäuser

(Club ref: G28) Germany

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(Club ref: G21) Germany

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(Club ref: G23) Germany

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Campsites in Switzerland


(Club ref: S15) Switzerland

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Camping Alpenblick

(Club ref: S16) Switzerland

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Campsites in The Netherlands

Heumens Bos

(Club ref: H01) The Netherlands

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Campsites in Belgium

Klein Strand

(Club ref: H15) Belgium

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Lilse Bergen

(Club ref: H23) Belgium

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Campsites in Italy

Caravan Park Sexten

(Club ref: Y03) Italy

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Citta di Bologna

(Club ref: Y14) Italy

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Villaggio dei Fiori

(Club ref: Y18) Italy

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Campsites in Montenegro

Camping Maslina

(Club ref: X15) Montenegro

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Ski sites

Head to the slopes at one of our European ski sites for a fun and affordable winter break.

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Cibeles Fountain, Madrid, Spain

City sites

Soak up plenty of culture on your next European city break with our selection of city sites, ideally situated for stopovers or short breaks.

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En-route sites

Take a look at our open-all year sites where you can stay en-route to Spain or Portugal in the winter.

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Motorhome by a snowy mountain

Advice for winter touring

Tips and recommendations before you set off on tour in the winter

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Top questions

How do I book an overseas site?

Overseas campsite bookings can easily be made on the Club website and "combined deals" are common when you book a campsite at the same time as your ferry crossing. Booking online means you save the £15 Contact Centre booking fee.

Does the Club take deposits for overseas bookings?

Yes, deposits for overseas bookings are calculated at 20% for a site and 25% for a ferry (unless it is a non-refundable ferry/Eurotunnel in which case full payment is due at time of booking). The final balance is due 10 weeks prior to travel.

Is the standard of overseas sites similar to that of the UK?

European campsites are star-rated by their own local authorities and can have different standards and regulations to the UK. However, the Club's travel team handpick and inspect our campsites so that members can be sure of a high standard.

This is my first visit abroad with my caravan/motorhome. How can the Club help?

The Club's first time abroad section explains everything you need to know about going on your first overseas touring holiday.

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