Cycle route from Sutton-on-Sea Club site

A completely flat and largely traffic-free route along the Lincolnshire Coast from Sutton-on-Sea Club site which visits the North Sea Observatory at Chapel Point and passes unusual art installations such as the Cloud Bar and Sound Tower.

The endless sands of the Lincolnshire coast, a sculpture that amplifies the sound of the sea and an installation which celebrates clouds are among the many highlights of this ride from Sutton-on-Sea Club site to the striking North Sea Observatory. 

The route takes advantage of a concrete promenade that runs from Mablethorpe to Huttoft, providing a traffic-free trail for cyclists and walkers. It makes for the easiest possible pedalling – smooth and flat – flanked by brightly-coloured beach huts on one side and the vast expanse of sea and sand on the other. 

When the promenade ends, the journey continues on a quiet lane that traces its way through a fenland landscape with not a hill in sight. Its exposure means the wind that turbo-charges your speed one way can prove to be a buffer in the other direction. 

The Lincolnshire Coastal Country Park – boasting beaches, dunes and nature reserves – is a constant companion throughout the ride. Punctuating the inland section of the route are a series of short diversions back to the sea to explore unusual attractions which are part of the Structures on the Edge project. The Cloud Bar at Anderby Creek is a small, raised platform for spotting and appreciating clouds (a collection of mirrors helps you avoid craning your neck too much), while the Sound Tower at Chapel Six Marshes is a sculpture which resembles a blue sail; standing inside boosts the sound of the wind to dramatic effect. 

Best of all is the North Sea Observatory at Chapel Point, on the northern tip of Chapel St Leonards, where a gallery and vast windows gaze out over the dunes. The Observatory’s raised outdoor terrace, with views all the way to the silhouettes of Skegness’s attractions, is a great spot to enjoy a coffee and cake from the centre’s Seascape Café before pedalling back to Sutton-on-Sea. 

Just one note of caution; the promenade section of this route between Sandilands and Huttoft is so close to the beach that it’s vulnerable to a build up of sand drifts which can render progress impossible on a bike. Moreover, where the sand is hard-packed and wet on the promenade it can become treacherous so it’s better to push your bike than risk a fall.

You can download this route from our dedicated Strava page here.


1 Turn right from the gates of Sutton-on-Sea Club site and continue for 650m to a T-junction. Turn left, signposted to Sutton-on-Sea and Mablethorpe, and then take the second road on the right, called Sea Lane. Continue for 800m and shortly after passing The Fat Seagull on the left, look out for a ramp on the left, leading up to a line of beach huts. 

2 1.5km – Ride up the ramp to reach the promenade then turn right, with the sea on your left and the colourful beach huts on the right. Continue on the promenade for approximately 2.5km until you reach the Huttoft Car Terrace car park. 

3 4km – Turn right at the car park, heading away from the beach, and continue for 350m to an offset crossroads. Turn left at the crossroads, signposted to Anderby and Chapel St Leonards. Continue on this road for almost 7km. Shortly after entering Chapel St Leonards look out for a car park and the North Sea Observatory on the left. This is the end of the outward section of the ride and is an ideal place to stop for some tea and cake before heading back. 

4 10.8km – From the North Sea Observatory turn right, retracing your steps. In 1km you can opt whether to take the short out-and-back diversion to the Sound Tower at Chapel Six Marshes on the right. About 2.5km further on from the turn to Chapel Six Marshes turn right along Sea Road into Anderby Creek and continue to the beach car park to find the Cloud Bar platform. After visiting, retrace your route through Anderby Creek to the T-junction. 

5 15.7km – Turn right at the junction towards Sutton-on-Sea. Continue for 3km to reach the Huttoft Car Terrace sign. 

6 18.8km – Turn right and at the beach turn left to rejoin the promenade. Continue, eventually passing beach huts. At the Environment Agency’s Pullover Sea Gate (on the left), turn left down the ramp and then right at the foot of the slope along the road. Continue to a T-junction with the A52. 

7 22.3km – Turn left at the junction, signposted to Skegness and Huttoft. In 150m turn right along Crabtree Lane, signposted to Sutton Ings. In 650m, Sutton-on-Sea Club site is on the left. 

About the route

  • Start/finish: Sutton-on-Sea Club site, Crabtree Lane, Sutton-on-Sea, Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire LN12 2RS. 
  • Distance: 23.2km/14.5miles. 
  • Time: 2 hours.
  • Level: Suitable for all cyclists. 
  • Terrain: Concrete promenade (beware sand drifts) and asphalt roads. A mountain bike, hybrid or e-bike is ideal, but you may need to clean sand from your chain after the ride. 
  • Landscape: Flat and coastal, with sea, beach and dunes on one side and marsh and fenland farms on the other. 
  • Refreshments: TheFatSeagull, Sandilands; Anderby Beach Café, Popas Bar and The Creek Tavern in Anderby Creek; Seascape Café at North Sea Observatory, Chapel Point. 

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