Summer Wi-Fi upgrade


We are pleased to say that we have now installed Wi-Fi hotspots to 13 sites across the network which have previously had no wireless internet connection.

See which sites have Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity.

Don't forget - by connecting to the Caravan and Motorhome Club Wi-Fi on site, you’ll have free access to our website.

Wi-Fi hotspots

Some of our sites aren’t able to provide a Wi-Fi connection across the whole site, due to physical limitations of the location. In these cases we are installing Wi-Fi hotspots, meaning that you will have somewhere to go should you need to connect.

A Wi-Fi hotspot is an area that can enable connectivity for a Wi-Fi equipped device. For example, if you are in the pre-determined hot spot area with a laptop or mobile device equipped for Wi-Fi, you can search for the Caravan and Motorhome Club connection and get connected.

Find a hotspot

Wi-Fi hotspots will usually be in communal areas on site such as the information hut, but the hotspot location will differ from site to site.

You will be able find a hotspot map in the site’s reception area which will tell you where the hotspot is located on site, and where it is strongest. If in doubt, please speak to Site Staff and they will be happy to help you.

We are investing nearly £300,000 into an improved Wi-Fi service, giving you greater access to the web across our sites network. Check your emails, the weather forecast, or simply browse the internet; we want to make sure that you can have this access from as many places throughout our network as possible.

Get connected

For further information about our Wi-Fi service and how you can get connected, visit our Wi-Fi page.