Spare parts for your caravan

It probably goes without saying that nobody wants to ever make a claim on their cover for their caravan but unfortunately accidents, thefts and damage can and do happen.

You may have read or heard about the long lead times in the news, with people waiting weeks or even months to get their vehicle or outfit repaired or replaced and therefore the idea of contacting us if you have our Caravan Cover (or your insurers if you have cover elsewhere) might seem worrying.

It’s fair to say that, unlike the car market, there isn’t a huge aftermarket of spare parts and panels for caravans. Whereas car manufacturers are obliged to provide spare parts for a number of years after the car goes out of production, caravan manufacturers sadly are not. Many caravan parts have bespoke elements, model-specific body panels and trim parts that are only produced to order. Those parts may cease to be available as soon a caravan model stops being produced.

There is also currently a global shortage of semiconductors, which is affecting just about every industry. This has been a big issue in the automotive market both during and after the pandemic, and means that despite the best efforts of repairers, sourcing of the right parts can sometimes take longer than any of us would like. 

The good news is that things are slowly beginning to improve, although we do expect there to be delay issues for some time, as manufacturers will most likely concentrate on producing new outfits for sale rather than spares for aftersales, this doesn’t mean you need to worry.

That's because the vast majority of damage claims still progress smoothly, with the caravan being repaired and returned in good time.

In the event of a claim, what are your options and who will fix your outfit?

Well, when making a claim, one of the things you may need to consider is whether your vehicle is taken to a repairer that is selected by the insurer (normally referred to as an ‘approved repairer’) or one chosen by you, based on your own preferences. 

If you are new to caravanning or even a less experience tourer, it might be a better option to go with your cover provider’s choice of repairer. You should, of course, still be satisfied that they are the right choice, especially if the repair is complicated and requires specialist skills or equipment. It’s also worth being aware that some insurers may have less stringent repair sign-off procedures when using an approved repairer, so checking this with your insurer when you first report a claim can be beneficial.

If you're a more experienced caravan owner, who has had past experience of your own independent repairer, you might want to go with your choice. This is especially prudent if they are also the dealer from which you bought the outfit, or maybe the same repairer who has serviced your outfit over the years. Sometimes, an independent repairer will also coincide with the insurer’s approved repairer, so this is worth checking too.

We always want to help our members as much as possible, and our Caravan Cover product offers you the freedom to choose either option.

And remember, most claims for damage will be settled without delay but if you do face any issues or challenges with a repair to your caravan following an incident you’re covered for, we are always here to help.

First published in March 2023.

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