Caravan theft 

Caravan theft can be a worry, so we've got some helpful suggestions on how you can reduce the risk of your caravan being stolen.

Recently, we have seen an increase in caravan thefts, possibly exacerbated by the limited supply of outfits at dealerships, whilst the demand for leisure vehicles remains high.

Caravans of all ages and values continue to be stolen, although the higher value and well-maintained caravans do seem to be the most targeted. The Club’s claims experience shows that a larger proportion of caravans that have been stolen, were taken whilst being ‘stored’ on farms or on farmland.

Having your caravan stolen is a horrible experience, not only do you lose your prized possession but there may be some sentimental value to your outfit or the contents. Not to mention the hassle, however minimal, in making a claim as well as the challenge of sourcing a new outfit.

Here are a few suggestions on how you can reduce the risk of your caravan being stolen:

Reduce temptation
When storing your outfit out of season, keep it in a secure storage location or if storing at home, try and keep it out of sight from the main road. Use good quality security products, for example, an accredited hitch lock and a wheel lock or clamp. Ideally, fit an alarm and tracker to your outfit too, the more deterrents the better!

Secure Storage
Club storage sites or those accredited by CaSSOA (especially their ‘Gold’ or ‘Platinum’ sites) are usually the most secure. Availability of locations near to you could be limited, so it’s important to check what security the site has for example barriers, CCTV and personnel on-site, as you won’t be able to check on your outfit regularly. Be sure to check that the features listed for the site are working too. 

Home Storage
If you store your caravan at home, try to keep it out of sight from the main road and if possible make it difficult to access by keeping it in a back garden behind a locked gate for example, as thieves do tend to target what they can see. In addition to security devices already mentioned, if possible use a security post and consider installing automatic security lights and CCTV on the outside of your home. A cover may help disguise the caravan’s attractiveness and possible value too.

Maintain vigilance
Always make sure that all security devices are fitted properly and activated, even if you’re only making a short stop enroute to your destination, as many thieves are opportunists. Keep any eye out for any suspicious behaviour.

Help recover
Make sure that you report any theft to the police and your cover provider as soon as possible after the incident. Ensure that any alarms and the caravan’s tracking subscriptions are active and that your registration details are kept separate to your outfit.

First published in October 2022.

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