Caravan Cover Member Claims Experience

Club member Patrick Harland had his new caravan stolen and wanted to highlight what happened and how he has got back to touring sooner than he first thought.

You never think it will happen to you and then it does...your new caravan that you recently spent a sizeable amount of money on has been stolen.

Club member, Patrick Harland describes his recent claims experience:

"It’s all a massive shock when you first find out that your van has been stolen, especially when it's a brand new van, and when we had put that much money into it.

We first contacted the police, but we weren't happy with their response, as their only help was to advise us to speak with our cover providers. We had a completely different reaction when we went through to Ashwicks Claims Services Ltd, who support the Club with Theft claims, as they were very sympathetic and wanted to help anyway they could . 

We were helped by a member of Ashwick’s staff and we thought they were very good. They took us step by step through the process, which seemed all very easy.

The claim form was straight forward, perhaps a little long winded, but you know that it’s just part of the claim process. It was a bit of a learning curve as this was the first time we had a van stolen and although hopefully we’ll never need to do it again, we do now know what the process is. 

Ashwicks Claims Services were highly professional and very helpful. The agent was extremely knowledgeable, and we were suitably impressed. He was very thorough with his explanation of the claims handling process and how the claim would eventually be paid.

We found a replacement of the exact same model on our own at a nearby dealership. We have come away from this experience feeling fortunate.

Originally I thought  that we were going to be well out of pocket due to the whole experience but it turned out we weren't. We were very impressed with the Caravan Cover we took out. It wasn’t the cheapest on the market, but it all worked out very well and we're certainly glad we had it.

The claims process can be very daunting but Ashwicks and the Club managed to alleviate our worries and concerns."


Theft Claim Process:

  • As a Club member, you need to complete the theft claim form online. 
  • Ashwick Claims Services Ltd will contact you to:
    • Introduce themself and explain how they work with The Club.
    • They will offer an invitation to speak on the telephone, or via video call through either Teams or Zoom.
    • Once they arrange a time to contact you either by phone or by video link, they will then list the items to collate in advance of the call.
  • When they speak with you, they will obtain relevant information to ensure coverage and to enable an assessment.
  • They will send follow up communication to you, with a summary of the discussion that you had and if necessary, they may request any required documentation to be sent.
  • They’ll ask you to complete the general enquiries into the claim, for example; the loss location, whether the police have been notified and any new caravan quotes.
  • Upon receipt of documentation from you, Ashwick Claims Services can then complete an assessment of the claim.


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