Your Caravan Awnings - poll feedback

We have compiled a summary of the feedback that we received from our members from the safety & security newsletter this March regarding the awnings for their caravan.

Thank you for sharing your responses with us, all answers and comments are greatly appreciated.

Your feedback showed that porch awnings are the most popular awning for our caravan members to own, followed by the full awning and then a sun canopy.

The vast majority of you do own and tour with an awning of one size or occasionally a couple. Only 3.7% of people who responded didn’t have one. Some of the reasons were:

"Extra weight and extra work"
"They are more trouble than they are useful"
"Too much trouble to put up single handed" 
"I'm getting older now and it's a lot of hassle"
"The caravan has enough space so no need for an awning"

A couple of you said that you didn’t own an awning because you were concerned about bad weather making it more difficult:

"Problems taking down when wet"
"Problems when windy weather"

The majority of you chose to have an awning as you wanted the extra space for additional seating and a table. 22% of the responses said that they used a cooking appliance in the awning, and less than 5% of respondents used the awning area for some bedding.

Image from Southland Club Campsite, member photo by Andy Garsed

We all know that awnings can be an expensive item to purchase, with almost 10% of you spending more than £1,500 on their awning. 34% of our respondents said that they spent between £500 to £1000, and 26% spent between £100 to £500. 

Due to the cost, it is worth making sure that the awning is covered if it's damaged or stolen. If you are covered with our Caravan Cover then awnings are considered 'equipment' and are covered as part of our policy.

We were pleased to hear that 73% of you know that your caravan cover includes cover for awnings, but there were over 21% of you who were not sure. It is worth checking this with your cover provider as it could be an expensive oversight.

Here is a selection of advice for your fellow members with regards to awnings:

Don’t forget that awnings can be included at no extra cost in your site booking at all our UK Club campsites. So make sure when you book that you have ticked the box for 'Grass pitch with awning’' or 'Hardstanding with awning' or 'Serviced pitch with awning' to take advantage of this great saving.

Remember to check out our Club shop where you can receive discounts on a number of accessories for your awnings.

First published in May 2023.

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